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Lrc Lesson'd by nCyron

Lesson'd - nCyron LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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43552 - Lesson'd by nCyron [02:05.52] 1 year ago
by Guest
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[al:New Made Closure]

[00:15.12]They ain’t talking at you
[00:15.78]They ain’t talking to me
[00:17.20]Their the criminal we police
[00:18.89]Bon appetite
[00:20.02]I ain’t your chef to prepare your favorite recipe
[00:22.57]This flow liquify, you feel me
[00:24.84]Moving from veins in the body
[00:26.55]I ride for my momma, homies
[00:28.24]Near the finish line haters don't allow me
[00:29.90]Then we been in the book the same time
[00:31.80]On the paragraph the same line
[00:33.78]New chapters of this novel
[00:35.20]When you open pages you gone find
[00:36.62]We different now
[00:37.75]Keep climbing higher on this mountains
[00:39.17]I ain’t never rest
[00:40.30]Me and my homies we ain’t never stressed
[00:42.00]We the Khalid’s featured on the DJ playlist every single know that we best
[00:45.96]On, in and out when niggas pay they dues then fake niggas come around and gon’ with it
[00:49.62]When I never signed out with the cheque and the fact that the fake niggas round me ain’t gon’ feel it
[00:53.59]What if they doing they doing their best and outcome that comes to me sound so silly
[00:57.24]You only know to write the book of your life
[00:59.22]And you writing this book cause you author ain't it?

[01:01.20]Important cause I need you in the game and when you fallen finna give you second chance
[01:05.17]Independent niggas on the rise and after couple shows do the money dance
[01:08.85]Take a picture with the squad and after flaunting all of this we post on Instagram
[01:12.78]We Just finna be successful on the outside and on the inside of the music plan
[01:16.17]They like
[01:16.74]He the Hardest on the podium
[01:18.72]Long Rulers never fit in Math-sets with the French ambitions
[01:21.27]We Napoleon
[01:22.40]Me and my niggas we on the field boss instructing these playing quarter back
[01:26.34]Red team we always pumping blood And when we bumping blood means we showing love
[01:29.98]Showing love means we stopping this and the whole muscle getting cardiac
[01:33.91]Cardiac means a heart attack you ain’t ready messing with this artifact
[01:37.30]So like
[01:37.87]First things first from one’s to tens to make attempts defend nothing relent us (W’d Up)
[01:41.55]Infect the fans affect the crown depict the temp to term Pretend detect us (Strai’d Up)
[01:45.20]Revert to real convert your word we bouta tagging Cesaro so your nothing gone Shemaus
[01:49.17]Don’t you never put us on the test we just finished writing exams your class
[01:53.14]Never knew what this lesson about started with a prayer shockingly we passed
[01:56.54]They like dig it, dig it did it digit
[01:58.11]Counting paper errday these niggas counterfeiting
[02:00.10]I'm Like
[02:00.66]Get it, get it, get it, get it, get it
[02:02.08]Errday is worth it ain’t no need to make a killing
[02:04.51]Believe that