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Lrc Lifeboat by Riverdale Cast

Lifeboat - Riverdale Cast LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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30131 - Lifeboat by Riverdale Cast [01:39.77] 2 years ago
by Guest
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[ar:Riverdale Cast ]
[al:Riverdale: Special Episode - Heathers the Musical]
[00:03.85]I float in a boat
[00:06.72]In a raging black ocean
[00:09.62]Low in the water
[00:11.67]And nowhere to go
[00:14.77]The tiniest lifeboat
[00:17.85]With people I know
[00:21.55]Cold, clammy, and crowded
[00:24.53]The people smell desperate
[00:26.80]We'll sink any minute
[00:29.04]So someone must go
[00:32.32]The tiniest lifeboat
[00:35.04]With the people I know
[00:38.75]Everyone's pushing
[00:41.11]Everyone's fighting
[00:43.06]Storms are approaching
[00:44.55]There's nowhere to hide
[00:46.99]If I say the wrong thing
[00:49.07]Or I wear the wrong outfit
[00:51.29]They'll throw me
[00:52.39]Right over the side
[00:56.73]I'm hugging my knees
[00:59.51]And the captain is pointing
[01:01.73]I thought I was captain
[01:04.29]Still, the weakest must go
[01:09.54]The tiniest lifeboat
[01:12.78]Full of people I know
[01:18.61]The tiniest lifeboat
[01:22.80]Full of people I know