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Lrc Lil Parachute by DGold

Lil Parachute - DGold LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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11020 - Lil Parachute by DGold [03:05.75] 4 years ago
by Guest
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[al:Lil Parachute]
[ti:Lil Parachute]
[00:25.16]I just woke up, feeling nothing today, they ain't got alot of answers they got nothing to say,
[00:31.04]I got cash flex on me but they dying away, they ain't got a fuckin fate and they ain't got a second place,
[00:37.21]can't come back now, they can't bring me down, like a toy soldier bitch im stuck up in the ground,
[00:44.21]don't fuck with me clique bitch we smokin by the pound, you ain't got no fuckin loud, find you in the lost and found (eh)
[00:50.66]I don't give a fuck about my cash, I can't even never bounce it back (eh), how many more dead fuckers on the floor
[01:00.19]yeah think I need a four thats that shit that I adore
[01:03.55]ring di ding ding ding took your bitch for a spin, young motherfucker thinking that he gone win, In a different timezone,
[01:11.39]bitch you ain't in my zone, thats just my zone something that im gonna die for.

[01:16.71]Verse 2:
[01:41.96]I be the war veteran, I get lost like madeleine, convo with the devil he ask me like how the fuck i been,
[01:48.13]cake on my plate, mona lisa with the paint, I'm fed up of being rejected by these mothafuckin fakes (eh),
[01:54.57]I don't know, where the fuck I go, they don't got no fuckin morals, thats what gold a calling broke (eh),
[02:01.02]You don't want no smoke cuz that shit a make you choke, she don't love you she love coke, cuz that shit
[02:06.35]a make her cope,
[02:07.47]I don't know where the fuck im going with life,
[02:11.39]dirty with the sprite,
[02:12.79]she a freak she love to bite,
[02:14.47]thinking bout my vision and im thinking bout tonight,
[02:17.55]yeah that pussy tight,
[02:19.23]bet that shit a bring me light,
[02:20.91]everyday on a flight, feel the same just pay the price, devil knocking on the door and he tell me that my shit nice,
[02:26.80]The goldmane, legacy is made, I ain't dying broke I'll make sure that I'll get paid.