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Lrc Little Crosses by Daniel Amos

Little Crosses - Daniel Amos LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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120305 - Little Crosses by Daniel Amos [02:39.89] 6 days ago
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[ar:Daniel Amos]
[ti:Little Crosses]
[au:Jerry Chamberlain]
[by:Shannon Pope]
[Verse 1]
[00:13.16]Little crosses I see on my T.V
[00:19.07]Take my money and give me some of these
[00:25.07]Little crosses with lots of color and sound
[00:31.58]I'm in heaven with all these treasures around
[Chorus 1]
[00:37.24]And ever since he bought them he sits and watches
[00:40.49]He's got everything now, he really loves those crosses
[Verse 2]
[00:43.90]Little crosses, they're dancing in the street
[00:50.08]I'm a sucker for anything with a beat
[00:56.32]Little crosses, they get me to the moon
[01:02.83]See me moving, I'm jumping to their tune
[Chorus 2]
[01:08.23]And while he is asleep, they come and take him away
[01:11.24]They've got a plan for his life, and he will do what they say
[01:15.17]Little crosses got a hold on me
[01:18.16]They're quite attractive and they really sold me
[01:21.17]I've got to have them with me all the time
[01:23.35](Little crosses, tiny crosses, itty bitty baby crosses)
[01:24.35]These little crosses are a real lifeline
[01:38.27](Burning crosses, earning crosses, never get enough)
[Verse 3]
[01:42.27]Little crosses, it's such a wonderful world
[01:48.27]I'm so lucky, I get a little cross with my girl
[01:54.53]Little crosses, they make me happy again
[02:00.77]Isn't it funny? Little crosses may be my best friend
[02:09.37]Little crosses, I've got to have my little crosses