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Lrc Long Road

Long Road LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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12414 - Long Road [04:51.22] 3 years ago
by Guest
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[ti:Long Road]
[00:01.45]{00:02.87,D}( I n {00:03.69,G}t r o {00:04.48,A})
[00:05.70]{00:05.95,D}( I n {00:06.67,G}t r o {00:07.48,A})
[00:08.70]{00:08.93,D}( I n {00:09.70,G}t r o {00:10.48,A})
[00:11.70]{00:11.98,D}( I n {00:12.72,G}t r o {00:13.86,D})
[00:14.35]there’s a {00:15.09,G}feeling that I ge{00:16.52,D}t
[00:16.99]You’re not do{00:18.02,A}ne with me {00:19.55,D}yet
[00:20.63]I {00:21.03,G}go to bed at ni{00:22.57,D}ght feeling lo{00:24.09,A}st
[00:26.02]it’s {00:27.08,G}dangerous, I kn{00:28.61,D}ow,
[00:29.16]I could g{00:30.10,A}o out on my o{00:31.63,D}wn
[00:32.66]{00:33.13,G}run away and {00:34.66,D}never come b{00:36.14,A}ack
[00:38.30]'Cause {00:39.17,D}faith feels {00:40.70,A/D}more like {00:42.20,G}murder
[00:44.20]these {00:45.26,D}little {00:46.76,A/D}deaths keep {00:48.25,G}hurtin{00:49.74,A}g
[00:50.20]it’s a l{00:51.25,D}ong {00:52.75,G}road to {00:54.27,A}nowhere
[00:56.09]there’s a g{00:57.29,D}ood {00:58.80,G}chance I’ll g{01:00.32,A}et there
[01:02.09]but as {01:03.35,D}long as {01:04.84,G}you’re besi{01:06.37,A}de me
[01:08.84]{01:09.36,Bm}home is {01:10.89,A}where I’ll
[01:11.97]B{01:12.35,D}e {01:13.11,G} {01:13.85,A}
[01:14.97]{01:15.38,D}( I n t {01:16.10,G}e r l {01:16.87,A}u d e )
[01:17.72]there’s a {01:18.38,G}place inside of m{01:19.92,D}e
[01:20.47]Where I’ve {01:21.43,A}never quite beli{01:22.94,D}eved
[01:23.97]that {01:24.47,G}change was something
[01:25.60]go{01:25.98,D}od and always we{01:27.50,A}lcome
[01:30.00]{01:30.49,G}here it is I’m to{01:32.00,D}rn,
[01:32.63]I’m an a{01:33.51,A}ncient being bo{01:35.02,D}rn
[01:35.88]and a {01:36.56,G}hole inside my he{01:38.05,D}art that’s always ba{01:39.54,A}re
[01:41.63]'Cause {01:42.56,D}faith feels {01:44.09,A/D}just like m{01:45.61,G}urder
[01:47.88]these {01:48.62,D}little {01:50.12,A/D}deaths keep {01:51.60,G}hurtin{01:53.11,A}g
[01:53.63]it’s a l{01:54.62,D}ong {01:56.15,G}road to {01:57.66,A}nowhere
[01:59.52]there’s a g{02:00.70,D}ood {02:02.18,G}chance I’ll {02:03.72,A}get there
[02:05.66]but as l{02:06.73,D}ong as {02:08.24,G}you’re bes{02:09.81,A}ide me
[02:12.41]{02:12.76,Bm}home is {02:14.27,A}where I’ll b{02:15.77,G}e {02:18.82,A}
[02:21.41]{02:21.83,Bm} And so what about to{02:24.88,G}morrow?
[02:27.41]{02:27.87,Bm} Here and gone like yester{02:30.89,G}day
[02:33.41]{02:33.90,Bm} I am no one real to {02:36.93,G}fake it
[02:38.55]in daily d{02:39.94,Em}ying, I am {02:41.43,F#m}scarce and a{02:42.95,G}fraid{02:44.44,A}
[02:45.05]it’s a l{02:45.99,D}ong r{02:47.49,G}oad to {02:49.05,A}nowhere
[02:50.80]there’s a g{02:52.06,D}ood ch{02:53.54,G}ance I’ll {02:55.09,A}get there
[02:56.80]but as l{02:58.08,D}ong as {02:59.55,G}you’re bes{03:01.09,A}ide me
[03:02.93]Yes as l{03:04.09,D}ong as {03:05.61,G}you’re bes{03:07.13,A}ide me
[03:09.43]{03:10.12,Bm}home is {03:11.64,A}where I’ll
[03:12.82]B{03:13.15,D}e {03:13.88,G} {03:14.63,A}
[03:15.82]{03:16.17,G}Home is {03:17.67,A}where I'll
[03:18.98]{03:19.20,D} Be{03:19.93,G} {03:20.67,A}
[03:21.97]{03:22.20,G}Home is {03:23.72,A}where I'll
[04:10.37]{04:13.07,G} Say something for Grace
[04:15.77]That she's r{04:17.17,C}aising {04:19.09,G}sky
[04:20.77]{04:21.03,C} Say something for F{04:22.99,G}ay
[04:23.52]That there's h{04:24.95,F}ope still in her {04:26.91,G}eyes
[04:28.52]{04:28.82,C} Say something for {04:30.78,G}Grace{04:32.77,Am} {04:34.72,G}
[04:36.27]{04:36.69,C}( O u t r{04:39.30,F} o )
[04:40.27]{04:40.55,C}( O u t r{04:43.23,F} o ) {04:44.51,C}