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Lrc Love Trial

Love Trial LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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43224 - Love Trial [03:41.83] 1 year ago
by Guest
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[ti:Love Trial]
[00:22.38]Oh! No! No! No!
[00:23.89]I don't know what came over me
[00:25.89]You know you're everything to me
[00:29.67]C'mon, cut me some extenuating circumstances
[00:33.37]I can't keep living alone
[00:36.92]Oh! Jesus!
[00:38.64]Don't look at me like that
[00:40.64]Please, I'll do anything
[00:43.88]I'll have a change of heart
[00:47.89]Just suspend my sentence
[00:49.14]Let it go this once
[00:51.39]My alibi for this pre-meditated crime
[00:54.88]won't fool you
[00:58.37]Cheap tricks are a no! no! no!
[01:04.89]My love's on trial
[01:07.39]Just how many crimes are you going to accuse me of?
[01:09.10]Closing statement
[01:11.17]After the tears
[01:17.66]You pronounced me "guilty"
[01:34.13]Oh! No! No! No!
[01:35.88]This is a worst-case scenario
[01:37.87]If you are going to dump me
[01:41.13]At least use your own hands
[01:42.14]When you toss me into the darkness
[01:48.40]Oh! Jesus!
[01:50.14]Evidence speaks louder than words
[01:52.13]I won't make excuses
[01:55.66]Look, you can lock me in your prison
[01:59.63]For as long as you like
[02:02.89]Personality differences
[02:06.39]And one little mistake
[02:09.87]Were all it took to keep you away
[02:13.40]No clever defense will get me off the hook
[02:45.39]What's so perfect about my crime?
[02:50.63]You and I bear the same sadness
[02:54.63]The one who loved   The one who was loved
[02:58.13]We're fated to put each other on trial
[03:03.63]So the verdict is "guilty"
[03:06.86]Just how many crimes are you going to accuse me of?
[03:10.88]I'm ready to do life to pay for my crimes
[03:14.12]Protecting you till the day I die
[03:18.66]Love trial
[03:19.63]The truth you told me
[03:21.38]After the false tears
[03:27.13]A little devil smiling your secret smile
[03:31.14]I know you're guilty too