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Lrc Lover Leaver by Greta Van Fleet

Lover Leaver - Greta Van Fleet LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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31299 - Lover Leaver by Greta Van Fleet [03:35.01] 2 years ago
by Guest
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[ar:Greta Van Fleet ]
[al:Anthem of the Peaceful Army]
[ti:Lover Leaver]
[00:11.44]Oh my holy lord
[00:13.84]Sets my soul on fire
[00:16.59]Flames of love and sweet perfume
[00:19.24]She's my heart's desire
[00:21.99]She's an angel straight from hell
[00:24.49]Draws me to the deep
[00:26.90]In the darkness way below
[00:29.40]It's my heart she'll keep
[00:42.62]Thunder underground
[00:44.88]Watch the castle fall
[00:47.63]Sound of wind it takes the sky
[00:50.13]And winter takes us all
[00:52.87]Mountain high against the sky
[00:55.38]Watches as we pray
[00:58.12]Laughing loud and smiling proud
[01:00.53]This is where we lay
[02:16.67]Oh God, hellfire
[02:18.93]With your hand'll raze
[02:21.68]So he'll fall to his knees
[02:24.17]Watch the fire blaze
[02:26.93]Satan plays his flute for him
[02:29.42]The sound it burns his ears
[02:32.33]Watch his eyes
[02:33.57]The peace of mind
[02:35.07]Slips and disappears