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Lrc Maisie Peters - The good witch

Maisie Peters - The good witch LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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230496 - Maisie Peters - The good witch [02:37.94] 8 months ago
by Guest
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[00:02.77]Still me here, do you think I forgot about you?
[00:07.28]Still upset but now I'm twenty-two
[00:11.80]Let's call this the calm
[00:13.93]Before the storm comes rushin' through
[00:17.38]And it's Armageddon
[00:20.83]Still Decoy, still a good witch with her tea
[00:25.08]Still bitter, still don't play the black keys
[00:29.86]Still wants to politely and properly warn you
[00:35.46]This is Armageddon
[00:40.27]When all I do is think about the past
[00:44.54]And haunt a house nobody wants to live in
[00:48.52]You wanna hear about it all, where do I start?
[00:53.30]I guess when it kicks in
[00:58.61]Still King's Cross
[01:00.75]And pulling heartbreak out of hats
[01:03.13]Still argue like my mother and suppress stuff like my dad
[01:07.12]Still miss you but I know now it'll pass
[01:15.10]Found some other muses, I give 'em all my best
[01:19.10]I light another candle and I chant under my breath
[01:23.08]That I will try forgiveness but I will not forget
[01:26.81]Not forget, not forget, not forget
[01:30.52]Am I better yet?
[01:33.71]When all I do is think about the past
[01:37.43]Make it a universe that you can live in
[01:41.43]You wanna hear from all the people in my heart
[01:45.72]Well, okay, when it kicks in
[00:0.00](When did this occur? Who is he? Where's he from?)
[00:0.00](What's he like? What's his name?)