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Lrc Make It Right (Remix)

Make It Right (Remix) LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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50742 - Make It Right (Remix) [03:46.38] 1 year ago
by Guest
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[00:09.19]I was lost, I was tryna find the answer
[00:12.68]In the world around me
[00:15.73]I was going crazy
[00:16.71]All day all night
[00:18.22]You were the only one who understood me
[00:21.71]And all that I was going through
[00:23.97]Yeah I just gotta tell you
[00:25.72]Oh baby I

[00:28.23]I could make it better
[00:30.70]I could hold you tighter
[00:32.95]Cause through the morning
[00:34.71]Oh you’re the light

[00:37.45]And I almost lost ya
[00:39.68]But I can’t forget ya
[00:42.22]Cause you were the reason that I survived

[00:46.47]You were there for me through all the times I cried
[00:50.98]I was there for you but then I lost my mind
[00:55.45]I know that I messed up but I promise I
[01:00.43]Oh oh
[01:01.43]I can make it right

[01:04.93]All right
[01:07.21]All right
[01:09.44]Oh I can make it right

[01:14.20]All right
[01:16.44]All right
[01:18.45]Oh I can make it right

[01:21.44]i sesang soge yeongungi dwen na
[01:25.22]nareul chatneun keun hwanhowa
[01:27.18]nae son, teuropiwa geumbit maikeu
[01:29.21]All day, everywhere
[01:30.67]But modeun ge neoege daki wihamin geol
[01:34.46]nae yeojeonge dabin geol
[01:36.46]neol chatgi wihae noraehae
[01:38.45]Baby to you

[01:38.95]jeonboda jogeum deo keojin kie
[01:41.19]jom deo dandanhaejin moksorie
[01:43.46]modeun geon nege doragagi wihae
[01:45.69]ije neoraneun jidoreul hwaljjak pyeolchilge
[01:47.97]My rehab
[01:48.93]nal bwa wae mot arabwa
[01:50.21]namdeure auseong ttawi na deutgo shipji ana
[01:52.43]neoye hyanggineun yeojeonhi nareul kkwettulheo muneotteuryeo
[01:55.71]dwedoragaja geuttaero

[01:56.97]Baby I know
[01:58.96]I can make it better
[02:01.20]I can hold you tighter
[02:03.70]geu modeun gireun neol
[02:05.21]hyanghan geoya

[02:07.98]da soyongeopseosseo
[02:10.19]neo anin dareun geon
[02:12.69]geuttaecheoreom nal eorumanjyeojwo

[02:16.96]kkeutdo boiji anteon yeongwone bam
[02:21.46]naege achimeul seonmulhan geon neoya
[02:25.96]ije geu son naega jabado dwelkka
[02:30.94]Oh oh
[02:32.22]I can make it right

[02:35.71]All right
[02:37.97]All right
[02:40.22]Oh I can make it right

[02:44.74]All right
[02:46.93]All right
[02:49.20]Oh I can make it right

[02:52.20]yeojeonhi areumdaun neo
[02:53.98]geunare geuttaecheoreom mareopshi geunyang nal anajwo
[02:56.21]jiogeseo naega sara nameun geon
[02:58.44]nal wihaetteon ge anin dweryeo neoreul wihan georan geol
[03:00.93]andamyeon jujeo malgo please save my life
[03:02.97]neo eopshi hechyeowatteon samak wineun mokmalla
[03:05.46]geureoni eoseo ppalli nal jabajwo
[03:07.44]neo eopneun badaneun gyeolguk samakgwa gateul georan geol ara

[03:11.73]All right
[03:13.73]I can make it better
[03:15.95]I can hold you tighter
[03:18.70]Oh I can make it right

[03:22.71]da soyongeopseosseo
[03:24.98]neo anin dareun geon
[03:27.71]Oh I can make it right

[03:31.96]All right
[03:34.46]All right
[03:36.73]Oh I can make it right