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Lrc Marutsuke-Given

Marutsuke-Given LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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70408 - Marutsuke-Given [03:54.40] 2 years ago
by Guest
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[00:00.80]The feeling of loneliness is insane
[00:06.21]It hurts people's feelings
[00:09.94]And it's difficult to realize it
[00:12.94]Love is an illness
[00:18.21]My chest began to ache
[00:21.94]There's no way to treat it
[00:30.69]These days are like a miracle
[00:36.19]But nothing is enough
[00:39.94]To fill up the emptiness
[00:43.19]You are wonderful
[00:48.29]You make me feel
[00:51.92]Both strong and weak
[01:00.41]What about us?
[01:06.89]I wonder if we can live as good "people"
[01:12.92]I wonder, I wonder
[01:18.89]I'm checking the answers while searching
[01:27.89]Kindness is like building blocks
[01:33.18]It can pile up high
[01:36.92]But it will become unstable
[01:39.93]Justice is right
[01:45.17]But people still don't follow that path
[01:48.89]What could be there to save them?
[02:15.42]What about us?
[02:21.89]I wonder if we can fall in "love"
[02:27.92]I wonder, I wonder
[02:33.91]I'm checking the answers with no answers
[02:39.32]What about the two of us?
[02:46.02]I wonder if we can live our "lives" together
[02:52.21]I wonder, I wonder
[02:58.19]I'm checking the answers with hope
[03:12.92]"Life" is like weather
[03:18.17]Cloudless, raining, snowing
[03:21.94]Either can happen
[03:25.19]What about an umbrella?
[03:30.18]I keep holding one
[03:33.96]So let's get under it together.