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Lrc Mayday Parade - Stay

Mayday Parade - Stay LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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22002 - Mayday Parade - Stay [03:38.12] 4 years ago
by Guest
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[00:04.46]I need some time just deliver the things that I need for now
[00:07.95]Everything that I feel's like a warm deep calm casting over me
[00:14.71]And it's taking me to somewhere new

[00:17.69]If you believe that everything's alright
[00:22.70]You won't be all alone tonight
[00:26.71]And I'd be blessed by the light of your company
[00:31.97]Slowly lifting me to somewhere new

[00:32.46]Oh can you tell, I haven't slept very well
[00:32.96]Since the last time that we spoke, you said
[00:33.46]"Please understand if I see you again don't even say hello"


[00:34.96]What a night it is, when you live like this
[00:35.46]And you're coming up beneath the clouds
[00:36.21]Don't let me down
[00:36.46]All the love's still there I just don't know what to do with it now
[00:37.21]You know, I still can't believe we both did some things
[00:37.70]I don't even wanna think about
[00:37.96]Just say you love me and I'll say "I'm sorry
[00:38.44]I don't want anybody else to feel this way"
[00:38.94]No, no, no

[00:39.49]Oh can you tell, I haven't slept very well
[00:39.96]Since the last time that we spoke, I said
[00:40.22]"Please understand I've been drinking again, and all I do is hope"

[00:41.71]Please... stay
[00:42.21]Please stay

[00:42.73]I'll admit I was wrong about everything
[00:43.22]Cause I'm high and I don't wanna come down
[00:43.70]All the fun that we had on your mothers couch
[00:44.45]I don't even wanna think about

[00:44.96]I'm not strong enough for the both of us
[00:46.21]What was I supposed to do
[00:46.71]You know I love you

[00:47.71]Please... stay