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Lrc Men at Work - Maria

Men at Work - Maria LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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54343 - Men at Work - Maria [04:30.14] 11 months ago
by Guest
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[00:10.39]Maria was born in the country
[00:17.96]She loved her homeland
[00:25.53]Maria was from a poor family
[00:33.10]For their girl they had greater plans
[00:40.68]Across the sea not yet twenty
[00:46.85]Sailed our Maria, a man to see
[00:59.72]Perhaps marry dreams our Maria
[01:11.22]This was to be eventually for our Maria
[01:26.36]Maria made plans for the future
[01:34.22]Sh had sons to her man
[01:41.78]Maria grew sad as the years passed
[01:49.35]She did not understand
[01:56.64]You must believe me
[01:58.60]Though its not easy, trust in me
[02:01.96]My life's been wasted
[02:06.17]There's nothing sacred I can see
[02:11.77]Though we're together
[02:13.74]It seems we've never known the way
[02:19.63]These lives we started
[02:35.06]Now broken hearted everyday
[02:37.30]Maria works in the factory
[02:42.91]She makes shoes for the man
[02:50.21]Maria lives for her family
[02:58.03]Now she does what she can.
[03:05.61]Hold on to me
[03:09.25]Hold on to me Maria
[03:20.74]For this was to be
[03:24.67]A tragedy for our Maria
[03:39.81]Oh Maria don't you cry
[03:44.02]Oh Maria dry your eyes