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Lrc Metarie

Metarie LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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20511 - Metarie [03:27.82] 4 years ago
by Guest
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[00:00.69]{00:01.65,D]( I n {00:04.48,A]t r o{00:07.92,E] )
[00:10.69]{00:11.36,Bm] Met a girl, introdu{00:14.88,D]ced myself, yeah
[00:17.94]{00:18.43,A] I asked her go to with me and n{00:21.96,E]o one else
[00:24.19]And she said{00:25.40,Bm], "I'd really like
[00:27.44]To see you e{00:28.86,D]very day, yeah
[00:31.94]{00:32.37,A] But I'm afraid of what
[00:34.94]My friend{00:35.79,E]s might say"
[00:38.69]{00:39.21,Bm] "You need a bath
[00:41.19]And your clothe{00:42.60,D]s are wrong, yeah
[00:45.69]{00:46.16,A] You're not my type, I can tell
[00:48.69]We wouldn't {00:49.67,E]get along"
[00:52.69]{00:53.13,Bm] I just laughed
[00:55.19]What else could{00:56.60,D] I do, well?
[00:59.69]{01:00.04,A] Just then her friend
[01:01.69]Chimed in, singin', {01:03.54,E]"Get a clue"
[01:06.44]{01:06.97,Bm] "Get a life, put it i{01:10.46,Gbm]n your song
[01:10.94](Put in your song)
[01:13.69]{01:13.93,E] There's something I've been
[01:15.44]Meaning to say to {01:17.36,Eadd#11]you
[01:20.20]{01:20.69,E] I've run out of gas
[01:22.44]And I'm stuck like {01:24.11,Eadd#11]glue
[01:27.19]{01:27.54,Bm] I'd had enough
[01:28.94]I couldn't take it a{01:30.97,D]nymore, yeah
[01:34.19]{01:34.42,A] So I turned and I ran
[01:36.95]Straight {01:37.91,E]for the door
[01:40.95]{01:41.28,Bm] Bought some mags
[01:43.45]On my w{01:44.71,D]ay home
[01:47.69]{01:48.08,A] For later on, you know
[01:50.19]When I'm al{01:51.40,E]l alone
[01:54.45]{01:54.83,Bm] A bottle of wine
[01:56.95]And some c{01:58.22,D]igarettes
[02:01.20]{02:01.56,A] A racing form, maybe
[02:03.70]Maybe I'll {02:04.89,E]make some bets
[02:07.95]{02:08.20,Bm] I know a guy, lives in Los {02:11.52,D]Angeles
[02:14.45]{02:14.86,A] Sometimes his life there
[02:16.70]Makes me s{02:18.19,E]o jealous
[02:20.95]{02:21.50,Bm] I'd like to move out of t{02:24.82,D]his place
[02:27.45]{02:28.06,A] Should change my name
[02:30.35]Get a ne{02:31.33,E]w face
[02:34.10]{02:34.64,Bm] Get a life, put it i{02:37.97,Gbm]n my song
[02:38.60](Put in my song)
[02:41.10]{02:41.38,E] There's something I've been
[02:42.85]Meaning to say to {02:44.89,Eadd#11]you
[02:47.85]{02:48.35,E] I've run out of gas
[02:49.85]And I'm stuck like {02:51.75,Eadd#11]glue
[02:54.85]{02:55.11,Bm] I'd like to move out of thi{02:58.54,D]s place
[03:01.60]{03:01.91,A] Should change my name
[03:04.10]Maybe get a ne{03:05.33,E]w face
[03:08.10]{03:08.66,Bm] Sleep all day
[03:10.85]Stay up all n{03:12.05,D]ight, yeah
[03:15.10]{03:15.41,A] Everybody I meet thinks I'm a{03:18.79,E]lright
[03:22.10]{03:22.80,Bm] Get a life