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Lrc Moment of Honesty (feat. The Hoodies) by DontDoItBeats

Moment of Honesty (feat. The Hoodies) - DontDoItBeats LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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60895 - Moment of Honesty (feat. The Hoodies) by DontDoItBeats [03:22.16] 10 months ago
by Guest
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[al:Moment of Honesty ]
[ti:Moment of Honesty (feat. The Hoodies)]
[au:Antonio Rucker, Umar Abrams, Eben Nettles]
[by:Antonio Rucker]
[00:00.92]Don't do it
[00:19.71]My thoughts and feelings be at war with each other
[00:21.97]A lot of n***** double crossed me when I call them my brother
[00:24.47]Daddy was locked in the slammer for almost thirteen summers
[00:26.97]Had to learn the hard way that the streets don't love ya
[00:29.48]Momma told me I'd be major she knew that my time would come
[00:32.23]She always worried bout me of course I'm bout it's son
[00:34.49]I ain't p**** I ain't coward, no sucker I'll Never run
[00:36.77]Just one of them young n***** you should never give a gun
[00:39.79]Rash decision maker I had to rap with ease
[00:42.05]Comme Des Garçons I wear my heart on my sleeve
[00:44.55]Tryna use that to their advantage not knowing I'm a savage
[00:47.31]Social media gangstas when I see em they passive
[00:50.07]They throw shade we hold 45 no comparing
[00:52.32]Got guys that let the Kay Slay for sonny Statik
[00:55.08]All I know is madness
[00:56.33]I can feel my spinal cord crack from all the s*** that I carry
[00:59.59]Cause I got the town on my back
[01:01.09]The pressure puttin' my hounds on the map
[01:03.10]Just tryna turn this frown upside down that's a fact
[01:05.60]I know they want to see me down and out where Im at
[01:08.36]But I ain't going out like that
[01:09.86]Ima keep grinding keep pushing Chef Emeril
[01:12.62]Ima keep cooking bam bam if they keep looking
[01:14.88]Ain't no time to sit back and be steady
[01:16.63]We're in this s*** heavy
[01:18.65]And If you ask me
[01:19.65]I'm ready (I'm ready)
[01:23.66]If you ask me I'm ready (I'm ready)
[01:28.94]If you ask me I'm ready (I'm ready)
[01:33.95]If you ask me I'm ready (I'm ready)
[01:40.46]You give me a feeling that I never felt before
[01:50.74]In the hood there's bros just like me
[01:53.25]Rap but they given n***** deals like Nike
[01:55.75]Everything they want to be that's why they don't like me (facts)
[01:58.26]Hard to escape cause the town to tiny
[02:00.53]To catch a pack and trap where I'm from man is likely
[02:03.03]All social media they don't want to fight me (real rap)
[02:06.79]And we keep going till the battles won
[02:08.55]It was pouring but we'll still shine through the storm
[02:11.06]I'm the general you know that I'm going off
[02:13.32]Talking Ross 09s that's a bigger boss
[02:16.08]If you want to reach that you gotta pay the cost (go)
[02:18.83]If I'm staving am I bugging am I really wrong
[02:21.09]These bad vibes and mob ties got me feeling wrong
[02:23.60]Mom say she don't want to see me in the dirt
[02:25.86]So we got put on a shirt like you dropped merch.
[02:28.64]You don't want to take em but you gotta get em first
[02:31.15]When a hommie cross you
[02:32.66]You be mad hurt
[02:33.91]We just tryna persevere tryna earn our worth
[02:36.41](Hoodie Hoodie) Hoodie Gang we keep moving steady
[02:38.92]And if You ask Young Pop then you know I'm Ready (I'm ready)
[02:44.43]If you ask me I'm ready (I'm ready)
[02:49.43]If you ask me I'm ready (I'm ready)
[02:54.69]If you ask me I'm ready (I'm ready)