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Lrc Murder Yxurself by Scarlxrd

Murder Yxurself - Scarlxrd LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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44414 - Murder Yxurself by Scarlxrd [03:01.21] 1 year ago
by Guest
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[ti:Murder Yxurself]
[00:14.02]Take a bow then exit stage
[00:15.03]Don't think that it's strange how blood won't stain
[00:16.78]If I tear my face off, won't feel pain
[00:18.27]'Cuz i've been through worse in the last few days
[00:20.28]Been grinding tough and I ain't seen change
[00:21.78]If i'm honest I think I'm mentally drained
[00:23.53]Smile on my face when I tear down names
[00:25.27]I will burn 'em down without flames
[00:27.03]Yung Jiro twist your neck and take brains
[00:28.78]Yeah I know I'm just really insane
[00:30.28]My high note system that I displayed
[00:32.03]Think I don't walk around without aim I do
[00:34.03]Bullseye I've got two
[00:35.78]Imma go hard until I break through
[00:37.28]Stand instead don't watch what I do
[00:39.03]I can't take your advice because I don't know you
[00:40.53]And even I did you're not in my crew
[00:42.28]You're a little pussyhole that gets fucked and screwed
[00:44.02]So fuck you I got scars I'm rude
[00:45.78]My healin' is the doors get pursued
[00:47.53]I'm dreamin' that my dreams gettin' prude
[00:49.27]I'm feelin' everything I'm confused
[00:50.78]I might murder a man tonight forgive me Scarlxrd if I do, yeah
[00:55.03]Fuck the ice got the watch
[00:56.03]Imma stack racks don't care about broads
[00:57.78]Better than you because I'm a god
[00:59.52]I'm a sociopath please don't tell mom
[01:01.28]Got bored of spendin' fat cheques
[01:03.03]Now I need two missions to clear my head
[01:04.53]I can't bet to assist [?] on my neck
[01:06.52]My patience everything just like bread
[01:08.03]That's right I'm a mad guy don't vex me
[01:09.77]Unlike you I don't care about life
[01:11.53]Last time I said that my exes were sexy
[01:13.28]This time I'm hoping that you'll die to me
[01:15.02]Let me be honest I'm real
[01:16.78]You've fucked with my head more than these pills
[01:18.53]Do this alone because I don't need a deal
[01:20.03]Self-destruct and then I rebuild
[01:21.78]It's easy done
[01:22.52]Don't ask me questions
[01:23.53]No time to give me direction
[01:25.53]I'm running through life with intention
[01:27.27]I can't give you bitches attention
[01:29.28]I can't give you niggas a mention
[01:30.78]I'm focusing on my obsession
[01:32.53]This is my honest expression
[01:34.27]I won't go back to depression
[01:36.02]I don't care who you are opinions are dead
[01:38.78]I'd rather push a blunt butter knife slowly through my neck
[01:42.03]And hear you tell me what you'd rather hear me rap about instead
[01:45.78]Of course it's really fucking fool I keep the skeletons in my shed
[01:48.77]I'm a creep, talk is cheap
[01:51.52]I can't spend time sober
[01:52.78]There's two me's inside my head, I think I might be bipolar
[01:56.27]Fuck on your girlfriend I don't have room to form
[01:59.52]Maybe I'm just a fuckboy that is lost numb and insecure, down
[02:03.03]Do it 'cause I want it all, down
[02:05.28]Pushin' like I got the force, down
[02:06.78]Watch how I get it and ball, down
[02:08.53]I can't be out here and poor, yeah
[02:10.27]Spin a man like it's a vortex
[02:12.03]Level my man with the corpses
[02:13.78]My brain looks like a fortress
[02:15.53]I'm steezin' go hand me a cortex
[02:17.28]I'm repeating till I get this shit flawless
[02:18.53]I do the same shit 'cause it never gets boring
[02:20.03]I see all those texts that I sent in the morning
[02:21.78]I talk with no filter I might need a warning
[02:23.53]Talkin' nasty, feelin' glassy
[02:25.27]I'm transpire and crafty
[02:26.77]Common codes couldn't crack me
[02:28.17]Run on that beat
[02:28.56]Trap my food 'till leads to a stampede
[02:30.96]I'm a built legend I'll prove it, yeah
[02:32.86]Dedicate life to my career
[02:34.37]Wanted to be a movie star
[02:35.87]But, me and myself are suited, yeah uh
[02:38.36]I'm an insane child
[02:39.12]Say 3 times that's 3 strikes
[02:40.36]I sting like a bee hive swing from tree height
[02:42.12]I make history I don't rewrite
[02:44.37]That's my birthright
[02:45.11]Live from inside
[02:45.86]I'm a surprise
[02:46.62]I'm fucked in real life
[02:47.62]There's no time to explain my birthright
[02:49.37]Don't bring my life today I'll decline that
[02:51.62]Send that I might bite that
[02:53.36]Never got bored of countin' the racks
[02:54.86]She's bad I might hit it from the back
[02:56.62]Okay turn this shit off we're done
[02:58.11]Nah I'm turning this shit down we're done we're done