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Lrc NIKI - Sugarplum Elegy (Official Audio)

NIKI - Sugarplum Elegy (Official Audio) LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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43460 - NIKI - Sugarplum Elegy (Official Audio) [03:25.04] 1 year ago
by Guest
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[00:16.74]Seven months older
[00:19.40]Air’s getting cold, our bed’s startin’ to creak
[00:26.91]God knows where you are
[00:29.43]I’m here waiting for love through a screen
[00:36.17]You show me the outfit you chose
[00:38.65]For the dinner and tonight’s show
[00:41.18]Must be nice to be your clothes
[00:46.04]Second to none even at your worst
[00:48.69]Sometimes I wish you’d put me first
[00:51.42]Nowadays you’re such a blur
[00:56.66]We keep dancing around the innocent truth that we’re just...
[01:04.34]Out of time (Ooh)
[01:11.95]Must I die before you feel alive? (Ooh)
[01:22.34]A curse in a graceful disguise
[01:27.58]I love you too much to stay in love
[01:38.98]How are you darling?
[01:41.48]How are you, really?
[01:44.01]How was Taiwan? (You never say)
[01:49.23]Thanks for the flowers, but you’ve been here hours
[01:53.88]Yet your coat’s still very much on
[01:58.28]Tiptoein’ around the bitter truth but we both know...
[02:05.94]It's just time (Ooh)
[02:13.71]Must I die before you feel alive? (Ooh)
[02:23.94]A curse in a graceful disguise
[02:29.19]Great was our love, it was one for the books
[02:33.80]We gave it the best that we could
[02:39.19]But I won’t recite all my lines just to watch you and I...lie
[02:49.85]I’m so proud I got to love you once