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Lrc Nathan

Nathan LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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50399 - Nathan [05:05.58] 1 year ago
by Guest
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[00:01.10]you keep a little piece of the past beneath your skin
[00:01.94]spider legs crawling through your cold bloodstream
[00:02.48]baby's got a slow pulse, he's hearing static sounds again
[00:02.76]he changes like the autumn trees, shiver shaking limbs
[00:03.82]you take their words for gospel and leave me in the rain
[00:04.39]nathan, don't make me lose my breath again
[00:04.97]you built yourself a bed from ashes and string
[00:05.23]nathan, don't fill up your lungs with fire again
[00:06.31]there's summer in your hazy eyes though the winter steals the air
[00:06.83]it feels like i've loved you my whole life cause i see you everywhere
[00:07.13]in dreams where i cannot move, i can only stand and stare
[00:08.19]your milky skin, my piano hands putting flowers in your hair
[00:08.45]i'll drown these nightmares in apathy til i believe that i'm okay
[00:09.00]nathan, do you feel powerful when you're pushing me away?
[00:09.53]i'll sleep with open windows in case you come back for me someday
[00:09.83]nathan keeps me on the run, begging him to stay
[00:10.39]nathan holds me to his chest, begging me to stay