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Lrc Nichole

Nichole LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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50397 - Nichole [04:01.89] 1 year ago
by Guest
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[00:01.41]down in pennsylvania, tired smiles and broken cars
[00:01.97]maybe i could meet you there, nichole
[00:02.51]drowning in my empathy, the wicked eyes i could not see
[00:03.05]stared and stared and shattered all my bones
[00:03.31]and you said
[00:03.89]"don't forget the reason you are here
[00:04.42]your heart could fuel the moonlight with its fever
[00:05.25]leave all that you've known down by the water
[00:05.81]you're bruised but you're not dying
[00:06.35]rest your burning eyes
[00:06.87]you're only just a child
[00:07.17]put away your knives"
[00:08.53]you rose from childhood suffering, an ache inside too deep to reach
[00:09.38]but close enough for all the world to feed
[00:09.67]the stars were never quite aligned, god was never on your side
[00:09.96]but you became a precious burning light
[00:11.55]don't let any earthly force defeat you
[00:11.83]i won't forget the reasons that i need you
[00:12.43]spoke so soft and loved just like a mother
[00:12.97]i won't let you down
[00:13.55]i'll hold my head up high
[00:14.09]i'll be the gun and i'll be the one who points it to the sky
[00:14.63]down in pennsylvania, sinking ships and baby shoes
[00:14.89]and a love so strong it burns the city down
[00:15.43]if i escape what i've been told, if i make it through this year alone
[00:15.95]maybe i could meet you there, nichole