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Lrc Niji no Kanata ni [English]

Niji no Kanata ni [English] LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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51550 - Niji no Kanata ni [English] [04:56.07] 1 year ago
by Guest
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[00:09.17]It's red, so red, like tarnished rust
[00:14.42]It flows, it flows, the colors run
[00:19.17]And here I stand, I'm broken down, so stained, so trapped, so lost
[00:28.92]My heart, my heart, my empty soul
[00:34.17]Was hurt, so hurt, and never whole
[00:39.17]But you, oh you, will save me from this sin, this pain, I hope…
[00:48.67]I'll say good night, perhaps I'll see you once again
[00:58.66]Evermore, evermore, this colossal hole fills my chest
[01:08.92]Even time doesn't matter, it’s painful, so painful
[01:18.41]And it cuts, and it cuts, cleaving straight through into my soul
[01:28.42]Is this all that remains in my heart?
[01:32.06]What you left behind…
[01:43.07]It grows just like a lion's mane
[01:48.31]But then, it fades as courage wanes
[01:53.32]And now I know you were the one who made me weak today
[02:02.81]And even though you'll see me smile, I'll laugh and wave, then say goodbye
[02:12.57]I’ll hide my trembling inside
[02:17.56]as my legs shake and then give out
[02:22.82]Evermore, evermore, I kept wishing I could be strong
[02:32.56]But instead, I'll hide, I'm so scared, I'm just so scared!
[02:42.31]Even so, I'll move on, I won't waste this gift you left me
[02:52.57]But I hope you won't see just how weak I am inside
[03:07.82]Now I can't see a thing, I can’t hear anything,
[03:12.57]I can't say a word, am I just a scarecrow that's stranded here
[03:17.82]And tell me why this pain, or why everything, is still here and haunting when it should have ended
[03:29.82]Evermore, evermore, I assumed my heart would stay cold
[03:39.47]But it's starting to melt, and it's burning, it's burning
[03:49.22]I will go, oh I'll go, to the place I know I should be
[03:59.22]But the rainbow's other side isn't for me,
[04:04.47]It's fine, I know I'll see you in the end
[04:16.47]But until we meet again
[04:26.97]Sleep in peace until then