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Lrc Nine by Sleeping At Last

Nine - Sleeping At Last LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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64161 - Nine by Sleeping At Last [05:21.12] 1 year ago
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[ar:Sleeping At Last]
[00:01.17]Who am I
[00:03.41]To say what any of this means?
[00:11.65]I have been sleepwalking
[00:17.39]Since I was fourteen
[00:23.43]Now as I write my song
[00:29.41]I retrace my steps
[00:35.41]Honestly, it's easier
[00:39.90]To let myself forget
[00:46.18]Still, I check my vital signs
[00:52.15]Choked up, I realize
[00:57.65]I've been less than half myself
[01:03.40]For more than half my life
[01:11.65]Wake up
[01:17.16]Fall in love again
[01:24.91]Wage war on gravity
[01:30.90]There's so much worth fighting for
[01:35.65]You'll see
[01:39.40]Another domino falls
[01:45.43]Either way
[02:05.45]It looks like empathy
[02:10.16]To understand all sides
[02:14.67]But I'm just trying to find myself
[02:20.44]Through someone else's eyes
[02:27.19]So show me what to do
[02:31.91]To restart this heart of mine
[02:36.41]How do I forgive myself
[02:42.49]For losing so much time?
[02:51.27]Wake up
[02:56.75]Roll up your sleeves
[03:03.50]There's a chain reaction in your heart
[03:10.25]Muscle memory, remembering who you are
[03:18.25]Stand up
[03:24.00]And fall in love again and again and again
[03:31.00]Wage war on gravity
[03:36.99]There's so much worth fighting for
[03:41.28]You'll see
[03:45.25]Another domino falls
[03:50.74]And another domino falls
[03:58.86]A little at a time
[04:03.48]I feel more alive
[04:08.49]I let the scale tip and feel all of it
[04:13.73]It's uncomfortable but right
[04:19.98]We were born to try
[04:24.98]To see each other through
[04:29.48]To know and love ourselves and others well
[04:36.00]Is the most difficult and meaningful
[04:44.73]Work we'll ever do