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Lrc Non-Title by Mafumafu

Non-Title - Mafumafu LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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53376 - Non-Title by Mafumafu [04:10.04] 1 year ago
by Guest
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[00:02.38]Half-timbered spilled morning
[00:07.85]Wind escapeway Spring sky
[00:12.36]All your muttering muttering
[00:16.86]It seems like today starts
[00:21.63]Open the cupboard with a spider web
[00:26.38]Moldy rye bread
[00:31.12]Let’s go somewhere in a bag
[00:36.10]A town you don’t know
[00:40.87]If you just go, there is no dialogue
[00:45.62]One scene without retaking
[00:50.36]In a world spilled on any camera
[00:55.36]No script, no director
[00:57.37]There’s no place to be
[00:59.38]Is it my movie
[01:04.11]You don’t have to count what you lost
[01:09.37]Non-titles born for no reason
[01:14.11]You can cry without worrying about anything
[01:19.12]Nobody hears your voice
[01:33.61]On the lake surface that threw a stone irresistibly
[01:38.12]You laugh and show me crazy
[01:43.11]For example, if you talk about a suspiciously colored fruit
[01:47.87]Nobody gets angry, right?
[01:52.86]In a boat spun with rubble flowers
[01:57.34]Escape from you and the two
[02:02.36]There is no cake to celebrate
[02:07.11]Oh, with such a fruit knife, such a stolen bouquet
[02:11.36]I can decorate you
[02:16.37]The ending is not as expected
[02:21.87]2 minutes a little cried @ title of garbage dump
[02:26.35]I’m going to be blown away tomorrow ashes
[02:31.11]I don’t think anyone will cry
[02:40.60]Hey you
[02:41.88]Let’s escape somewhere far away, not here
[02:45.86]Even a wide-angle lens can’t be reflected somewhere far away
[02:50.86]And before going to bed for the last time
[02:55.39]It’s reflected in your eyes.
[03:09.62]You don’t cry-don’t cry
[03:14.38]Title in the end roll two minutes before the end
[03:19.10]It’s like no one remembers
[03:24.09]A story that was surely coming and going
[03:28.88]You don’t have to count what you lost
[03:33.37]I am a non-title born without a reason
[03:38.39]You can cry without worrying about anything
[03:42.86]Nobody knows me
[03:48.11]This is an unnamed title just for you and me