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Lrc None by Crush

None - Crush LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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61130 - None by Crush [03:39.12] 10 months ago
by Guest
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[00:30.98]Neol saenggakhal ttaemyeon
[00:36.24]Shimjangi tteugeoweo
[00:43.73]Nan eonje eodieseodeun
[00:47.26]Neol saenggakhamyeon
[00:49.98]Gaseumi aryeowa
[00:54.52]Neon neomu yalmiroweo
[00:58.24]Sokjeoreopshi nae shimjangeul ppaeaseun chae
[01:01.50]Manyang gidarige hae
[01:03.73]Jameul cheonghal sudo babeul meogeul sudo
[01:08.98]Eumageul deureul sudo
[01:11.48]Naro doedoragal su eopseo
[01:14.98]Eojjeomyeon i norae gasadeuldo
[01:19.23]Neoga eopseumyeon amureon uimi eomneun geol
[01:34.98]Neol saenggakhal ttaemyeon
[01:40.48]Shimjangi tteugeoweo
[01:47.98]Neowa hamkke hhaetteon sungandeul soge
[01:51.73]Yeojeoni salgo inneun na
[01:54.74]Geurae nan baboya
[01:57.48]Eotteon mallodo pyohyeonal su eomneun
[02:02.74]When I'm in the dark, you brighten my life
[02:07.99]Every night I wanna hold you in my arms
[02:12.01]Just come to me right now
[02:14.49]Neoga gyeote isseoya haneun iyu
[02:18.98]Nal namjaro mandeureonogo
[02:21.73]Sarangman namgyeonogo
[02:24.48]Neoro gadeuk chabeoryeosseo
[02:26.98]Always i think about you
[02:35.23]I need you right now
[02:40.23]Neo eomneun bame
[02:42.27]I'm so lost without your love
[03:00.52]Neol saenggakhal ttaemyeon
[03:05.99]Shimjangi tteugeoweo
[03:11.73]Nan i sesang eotteon geu sunganboda
[03:14.98]Neol saenggakhal ttaemada
[03:17.99]Neowa daheul ttaemada
[03:20.23]You're the only one I need in my life
[03:22.98]Always I think about you
[03:25.73]Always I think about you
[03:28.48]Always I think about you