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Lrc North by DELANEY

North - DELANEY LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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30297 - North by DELANEY [03:55.47] 1 year ago
by Guest
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[00:25.31]Tongue tied every time
[00:27.56]Pick up the pieces
[00:29.31]I’m taking my chances
[00:33.31]I look tired
[00:35.10]I catch my breath from all that I’ve been through
[00:36.29]It’s hard to get into
[00:42.31]So ordinary, secondary
[00:46.80]Finding a way to free myself among this crowd
[00:51.31]Giving up again
[00:53.58]Staying alive but then
[00:55.31]I’ll get out of my bed
[00:57.55]Put these words inside my head
[03:20.31]I said I’m not that kind of man
[02:54.31]I really am an ordinary northern man
[03:00.83]You see I’m not that type of guy
[03:03.56]I’m really shy
[03:05.05]You and I let’s touch the sky
[01:26.81]Dressed up and I’m all ready to go
[01:29.31]Messed up but I’m not letting go
[01:32.08]To the other side
[01:33.30]From another time
[01:36.55]And it’s hard to find
[01:37.56]Maybe I’m really unprepared
[01:38.80]Unpredictable and scared
[01:41.08]Nobody cares
[01:47.81]Girl you’re out of line
[01:52.31]Should I remind you all the time?
[01:54.80]We are not alone
[01:56.58]Can we just get along?
[01:58.81]Everybody’s asking “How the hell do we get home?”
[02:23.31]Don’t look back
[02:24.56]‘Cause for sure you don’t want a heart attack
[02:30.81]We know we can’t control it
[02:32.81]So, step away don’t fight it
[02:37.31]All the tears and fears behind it
[02:37.80]Can we sit and talk about it now?
[02:41.57]Am I being loud?
[02:44.56]I’ll get to you somehow