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Lrc Not Over You

Not Over You LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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10897 - Not Over You [03:37.94] 3 years ago
by Guest
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[ti:Not Over You]
[00:00.77]{00:01.61,G}( I n t {00:03.95,Am}r o )
[00:04.77]{00:05.06,Em}( I n t {00:07.73,D}r o )
[00:08.27]{00:08.38,G}( I n t {00:10.68,Am}r o )
[00:11.52]{00:11.74,Em}( I n {00:14.45,D}t r o )
[00:15.02]{00:15.16,G}Dreams. That's where I {00:17.47,Am}have to go{00:18.54,Em}
[00:19.40]To see your beauti{00:21.25,D}ful,{00:21.89,G} face anymore
[00:23.55]I {00:24.24,Am}stare at a pic{00:25.30,Em}ture of you
[00:26.18]And listen to the radi{00:28.01,D}o
[00:28.57]{00:28.66,G} Hope. Hope there's a {00:30.98,Am}conversation
[00:31.97]{00:32.03,Em} We both admit we had it {00:34.78,D}good
[00:35.22]{00:35.44,G} But until then. It's {00:37.80,Am}alienat{00:38.82,Em}ion I know
[00:39.86]That much is under{00:41.55,D}stood{00:42.22,C}
[00:42.99]And I realize
[00:44.62]If you a{00:45.55,G}sk me how I'm doin'
[00:48.12]I would sa{00:48.95,C}y I'm doin' just fine
[00:51.37]I would l{00:52.30,Em}ie and say
[00:53.37]That yo{00:53.99,D}u're not on my mi{00:55.70,C}nd
[00:57.87]But I g{00:59.09,G}o out and I sit down
[01:01.62]At a ta{01:02.46,C}ble set for two
[01:04.87]And f{01:05.82,Em}inally I'm for{01:07.52,D}ced to face the tru{01:09.20,C}th
[01:11.26]No matter w{01:12.60,Em}hat I say I'{01:14.08,D}m, not over you{01:15.99,G}
[01:18.01]{01:18.28,Am}Not over yo{01:19.35,Em}u {01:22.04,D}
[01:22.51]{01:22.73,G}Damn. Damn girl you {01:25.00,Am}do it well{01:26.09,Em}
[01:27.01]And I thought you were inno{01:28.82,D}cent
[01:29.26]{01:29.52,G} Took this heart and {01:31.79,Am}put it through he{01:32.88,Em}ll
[01:33.76]And still your magnifi{01:35.55,D}cent
[01:36.01]{01:36.22,G}I, I'm a {01:38.54,Am}boomerang{01:39.62,Em}
[01:40.51]Doesn't matter how you throw {01:42.33,D}me
[01:42.90]{01:42.99,G} Turn around and I'm {01:45.33,Am}back in the ga{01:46.40,Em}me
[01:47.04]Even better than the old {01:49.05,D}me
[01:49.68]{01:49.69,C} But I'm not even close without you
[01:55.43]If you as{01:56.50,G}k me how I'm doin'
[01:59.18]I would sa{01:59.87,C}y I'm doin' just fine
[02:02.18]I would l{02:03.22,Em}ie and say
[02:04.43]That yo{02:04.91,D}u're not on my mi{02:06.59,C}nd
[02:08.68]But I g{02:09.99,G}o out and I sit down
[02:12.43]At a ta{02:13.34,C}ble set for two
[02:15.68]And f{02:16.73,Em}inally I'm for{02:18.40,D}ced to face the tr{02:20.11,C}uth
[02:22.07]No matter w{02:23.46,Em}hat I say I'{02:24.94,D}m, not over you
[02:26.70]{02:26.87,Em} And if {02:28.59,D}I had the cha{02:30.24,G}nce to ren{02:31.96,C}ew
[02:33.20]{02:33.63,Em} You know th{02:35.30,D}ere isn't a thi{02:36.98,G}ng I wouldn't {02:38.67,C}do
[02:39.59]I could ge{02:40.38,Em}t back on the righ{02:42.07,D}t track
[02:42.97]But {02:43.75,G}only if you'd be con{02:45.46,C}vinced
[02:46.87]{02:47.14,Em} So until {02:48.81,D}then
[02:49.52]If you as{02:50.48,G}k me how I'm doin'
[02:53.02]I would sa{02:53.92,C}y I'm doin' just fine
[02:56.27]I would l{{02:57.25,Em}ie and say
[02:58.27]That you02:58.92,D}'re not on my mi{03:00.63,C}nd
[03:02.77]But I g{03:03.97,G}o out and I sit down
[03:06.52]At a ta{03:07.39,C}ble set for two
[03:10.02]And fi{03:10.76,Em}nally I'm forc{03:12.44,D}ed to face the tr{03:14.17,C}uth
[03:16.15]No matter w{03:17.52,Em}hat I say I'{03:19.00,D}m, not over you{03:20.92,G}
[03:22.80]{03:23.22,Am}Not over y{03:24.28,Em}ou
[03:26.05]Not ov{03:27.00,D}er yo{03:27.66,G}u
[03:29.55]{03:29.97,Am}Not over y{03:31.01,Em}ou {03:33.76,D}