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Lrc Nothing to Say by Angra

Nothing to Say - Angra LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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864 - Nothing to Say by Angra [06:21.75] 2 years ago
by Guest
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[al:Holy Land]
[ti:Nothing to Say]
[00:57.05]Long ago, the same sky above;
[01:00.28]"It's lonesome when the sun goes down"
[01:03.71]A day had come when we were like one:
[01:07.26]- Weapons up, never surrender!
[01:11.09]Oh, I saw the gleams of gold
[01:16.59]We'd kill and die conquering a virgin world
[01:23.34]The hold corrupted by the honour
[01:35.07]Living forevermore, leaving today
[01:41.84]Back to my place, I've got
[01:45.28]Nothing to say!
[01:50.03]Guilt and shame, it's all so insane
[01:53.37]Pagan gods die with no defence
[01:56.80]And we could go no further at all
[02:00.03]Digging the graves of our conscience
[02:03.76]Oh, the sounds, they still echoe
[02:10.77]All of us drifting on seas of blood
[02:17.35]The hope hidden behind the horror
[02:29.06]Living forevermore, leaving today
[02:38.04]Back from this land, I've got
[02:41.29]Nothing to say!
[02:45.03]Living forevermore, leaving today;
[02:51.68]For all what remains I've got
[02:55.51]Nothing to say!
[04:23.64]Oh, how many years have gone
[04:29.90]Every morning I bare myself from love
[04:36.85]The love rising up from the sorrow
[04:48.86]Living forevermore, living today
[04:55.53]Back from this land, I've got
[04:58.76]Nothing to say!
[05:02.32]Living forevermore, living today
[05:09.06]For all what remains, I've got
[05:12.81]Nothing to say!
[05:16.45]Living forevermore - Nothing to say!
[05:23.42]Back to my place, I've got...
[05:30.50]Living forevermore - Nothing to say!
[05:37.28]All what remains, I've got
[05:40.92]Nothing to say!