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Lrc Om_Numah_Shivaya___Apache_Indian(128k)

Om_Numah_Shivaya___Apache_Indian(128k) LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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53485 - Om_Numah_Shivaya___Apache_Indian(128k) [04:25.43] 1 year ago
by Guest
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[00:11.55]Jai Om Numah Shivaya
[00:27.04]Jai Om Numah Shivaya
[00:40.83]Well everybody would you focus your mind
[00:43.59]Search for the truth and you will find
[00:46.84]Good spirit and strength from within
[00:50.59]That fights against all sin
[00:51.29]Jai Om Numah Shivaya
[01:04.05]I shall walk across the land that has been chosen
[01:07.79]And I shall climb the mountain so high
[01:10.56]I shall go across the sea and across the ocean
[01:14.30]And sing with the bird in the sky
[01:17.29]Its only Jah up above man who leads the way
[01:19.81]Under whose shadow I abide
[01:23.59]Me say you're running and you're running and
[01:25.61]you're running away
[01:27.10]But from yourself you know you can¹t hide
[01:29.65]Jai Om Numah Shivaya
[01:35.38]Well everybody would rise and focus your mind
[01:39.14]Search for the truth and learn to be kind
[01:42.38]Everybody would you fight against the evil you find
[01:45.40]Tell you people about the 'Religion of your Mind¹
[01:49.62]Jai Om Numah Shivaya
[02:28.00]He who dwells in the secret place of the most high
[02:33.28]Shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty I
[02:39.24]Everyday I Rise...Rise up above their lies
[02:43.83]But still them want fight I and I
[02:46.06]Everyday I Rise ...Rise with my spirits well high
[02:50.30]Ca you know Jah Jah guide I and I
[02:53.91]Jai Om Numah Shivaya