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Lrc Omni Man Rap (Invincible)

Omni Man Rap (Invincible) LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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170955 - Omni Man Rap (Invincible) [03:12.05] 11 months ago
by Guest
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[00:09.55]This world, isn't yours to conquer
[00:13.27]Nah, it's mine
[00:16.99]My, everyone here has to die
[00:22.57]Been long enough, it's your time
[00:26.57]Defy and you won't survive
[00:30.55]You are mine
[00:33.21]You thought that you knew me naw? What do you have in common with god
[00:36.93]All you babies to spoon feed, naw now its time that the new breed drop
[00:40.91]I’ve been watching over you and this ass whoopping I got is overdue
[00:44.63]Earth look at what the bars lowered to, I put that bar up for the hoe in you
[00:48.62]Find it offensive that you would even, raise your fist to a demon and dream you're leaving
[00:52.60]Punch a hole through your card cus your time is out, throw the kitchen sink at you and leave you leaking
[00:56.85]I’m a different breed, and my enemies, they will bend the knees, or unwilling leave
[01:00.57]Killed so many teams that the limbs I’ve collected are starting to look like a centipede
[01:04.55]Now I’ll give you two choices
[01:06.15]Either think with your head or I’m coming for your tail, that's a coin flip
[01:09.07]Want to see your guts not a figure of speech
[01:10.66]I'mma make this a movie a “Sin on my screen”
[01:12.79]These little bitches got tricked know they in for the treat
[01:14.65]I’ll show em ten toes down while I kick in there teeth
[01:16.51]Take your dome off when I get to gripping your cheeks
[01:18.65]You on queen shit just another bitch in my seat
[01:20.77]My, everyone here has to die
[01:26.61]Been long enough, it's your time
[01:30.60]Defy and you won't survive
[01:34.33]You are mine
[01:36.45]My, everyone here has to die
[01:42.29]Been long enough, it's your time
[01:46.54]Defy and you won't survive
[01:50.53]You are mine
[02:00.62]Think, Mark think, this planet on the brink, Mark brink
[02:04.07]Got you hypnotized all these people gon’ die in our time, it's a blink, Mark, blink
[02:08.06]Put them out of your mind, I think it's time that we talk, tailors we are, they ain't cut from our cloth
[02:12.83]Rise to the top we the cream of the crop, they just dogs, it's time that we take them to walk
[02:16.82]I'mma show you who your fucking with
[02:18.16]You better empty out that bucket list cause death is coming quick
[02:20.06]In fact I may just pull your organs out just for the fun of it
[02:21.93]You got the nerve to hit me back, well ain't that nothing but a bitch
[02:24.06]My every hit is like a ton of bricks, I got you rudderless
[02:26.18]You want some comfort kid I’ll wrap your ass around the jungle gym
[02:28.04]The only family I recognize is on the mother ship
[02:30.16]I can have another son so I’mma get to shoveling
[02:32.30]Little bitch you a pawn and you all should stand in awe
[02:34.43]I don’t need a squad I just draw the hand of god
[02:36.55]You can get it all what a pa I am the law
[02:38.68]You ain't gotta do this you can take my hand and all of this is yours
[02:41.33]It will be like before
[02:42.40]Father and son as we fight through this war
[02:44.25]You can stand as my blood or you die on the floor
[02:46.38]If I gotta kill you what the fuck was this for
[02:48.24]What do I do? what do I do?
[02:52.49]Was all this for me?, naw, was all this for you?
[02:56.47]I can't prove, what is the truth?
[03:00.46]What do I do? what do I do?