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Lrc Only thing by Zola Blood

Only thing - Zola Blood LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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11066 - Only thing by Zola Blood [03:08.76] 1 year ago
by Guest
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[ar:Zola Blood]
[ti:Only thing]
[00:14.42]I page her on the phone
[00:17.68]drank the posion
[00:21.43]hold it in the light
[00:25.43]running from the night
[00:28.94]pray a horse would come
[00:32.94]endure a hale storm
[00:36.44]to carry me away
[00:39.69]but I just wanna stay
[00:43.20]The only thing
[00:50.95]Im wandering
[00:58.21]Is where I'll go
[01:05.48]When I'm between the shores
[01:20.74]I swim a hollow lake
[01:24.25]cut from memories
[01:28.25]underneath the earth
[01:32.50]resting on a curve
[01:35.25]holding out my hands
[01:39.00]trying to understand
[01:42.26]the tv plays a song
[01:46.51]and we just carry on
[02:26.51]the only thing
[02:34.26]I'm wandering
[02:41.51]is where ill go
[02:49.01]when im between the shores