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Lrc Pandora by Hurt

Pandora - Hurt LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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11266 - Pandora by Hurt [04:52.47] 4 years ago
by Guest
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[00:18.15]Oh, he loved to hear her moan
[00:22.90]And when he'd come around
[00:26.91]He'd hope that she's alone
[00:28.65]Cause the window makes a sound
[00:31.90]It's alright she says
[00:36.66]Come inside she says
[00:39.41]Come inside
[00:43.66]Well that snow-coloured skin beneath the moonlight
[00:54.42]Was a vision of a better time
[00:57.18]When you and I had different lives
[01:00.44]Is something the matter?
[01:02.44]No, she bowed into the finish line
[01:06.70]Saying you will learn in due time
[01:09.70]She shook and moaned and spread her thighs
[01:12.97]Oh it's alright she said
[01:22.22]Come inside she said
[01:23.72]Come inside
[01:27.47]This is...
[01:31.72]How hope is gone
[01:40.23]This is...
[01:44.23]How hope was lost
[01:52.73]Now hope is gone
[02:02.73]Well you know, that thing before that bothered me
[02:06.74]The man who holds me rightfully
[02:09.48]Has quite a hefty policy
[02:12.98]Well accidents happen
[02:14.98]So, with an implication in the air
[02:18.48]I turned and bolted out of there
[02:22.48]She followed and made me aware
[02:25.48]I'll get what I want
[02:27.23]If you don't, I'll tell you how my story goes
[02:31.75]You broke into the window
[02:34.99]With me in just like any clothes
[02:38.00]You made me undress, then...
[02:41.50]You came inside she said
[02:44.25]Get back inside she said
[02:47.26]Get back inside