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Lrc People Everyday by Arrested Development

People Everyday - Arrested Development LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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93945 - People Everyday by Arrested Development [05:00.50] 3 days ago
by Guest
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[ar:Arrested Development ]
[ti:People Everyday]
[01:08.58]See I was resting at the park minding my own
[01:11.57]business as I kick up the treble tone
[01:13.83]on my radio tape player box, right
[01:16.32]just loud enough so folks could hear it's hype, see ?
[01:19.07]Outta nowhere comes the woman I'm dating
[01:22.03]investigation maybe she was demonstrating
[01:24.53]But nevertheless I was pleased
[01:26.78]My day was going great and my soul was at ease
[01:29.78]until a group of brothers started bugging out
[01:32.27]drinking the 40 oz, going the n***a route
[01:34.88]Disrespecting my black queen
[01:37.64]holding their crotches and being obscene
[01:40.13]At first I ignored them cause see I know their type
[01:42.63]They got drunk and got guns and they wanna fight
[01:45.43]and they see a young couple having a time that's good
[01:48.15]and their egos wanna test a brother's manhood
[01:50.66]So they came to test Speech cause of my hair-do
[01:53.38]and the loud bright colors that I wear [Boo !]
[01:55.87]I was a target cause I'm a fashion misfit
[01:58.38]and the outfit that I'm wearing brothers dissing it
[02:01.38]Well I stay calm and pray the n***az leave me be
[02:03.88]but they're squeezing parts of my date's anatomy
[02:06.88]Why, Lord, do brothers have to drill me ?
[02:09.13]Cause if I start to hit this man they'll have to k** me
[02:12.13]I am everyday people (2x)
[02:32.89]I told the n***az please let us pa**, friend
[02:35.38]I said please cause I don't like k**ing Africans
[02:38.13]but he wouldn't stop and I ain't Ice Cube
[02:40.38]but I had to take the brother out for being rude
[02:43.38]and like I said before I was mad by then
[02:45.88]It took three or four cops to pull me off of him
[02:48.49]But that's the story y'all of a black man
[02:51.13]acting like a n***a and get stomped by an African