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Lrc Pharrell Williams - Freedom

Pharrell Williams - Freedom LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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70339 - Pharrell Williams - Freedom [02:45.38] 2 years ago
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[00:22.91]Hold on to me
[00:25.16]Don't let me go
[00:27.91]Who cares what they see?
[00:30.17]Who cares what they know?
[00:32.66]Your first name is Free
[00:35.16]Last name is Dom
[00:37.91]We choose to believe
[00:40.42]In where we're from
[00:42.91]Man's red flower
[00:45.17]It's in every living thing
[00:47.92]Mind, use your power
[00:50.42]Spirit, use your wings
[01:13.41]Hold on to me
[01:15.88]Don't let me go
[01:18.37]Cheetahs need to eat
[01:20.87]Run, antelope
[01:23.38]Your first name is King
[01:25.87]Last name is Dom
[01:28.62]'Cause you still believe
[01:31.12]In everyone
[01:33.37]When a baby first breathes
[01:36.12]When night sees sunrise
[01:38.54]When the whale hunts in the sea
[01:41.05]When man recognizes
[01:56.54]Breathe in
[02:04.03]We are from heat
[02:06.28]The electric one
[02:08.54]Does it shock you to see
[02:11.28]He left us the sun?
[02:14.03]Atoms in the air
[02:16.53]Organisms in the sea
[02:18.79]The son and, yes, man
[02:21.28]Are made of the same things