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Lrc Phrasal

Phrasal LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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63685 - Phrasal [06:38.94] 8 months ago
by Guest
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[00:22.87]P: Hi, Matthew! How’s it going?
[00:26.37]M: Hi, Paul! I called you up yesterday, but I couldn’t get through to you. Are you OK?
[00:33.62]P: Yes, I am. Sorry for not calling you back. I’ve been very busy looking for a new job.
[00:42.87]M: Really? But what happened?
[00:45.87]P: I quit my job last week. I didn’t get on with my boss very well and I ran out of patience.
[00:54.37]He used to have me do my projects over many times.
[01:00.62]I just couldn’t put up with all that hard work.
[01:03.62]That job was stressing me out! It was simply taking up all my time.
[01:13.37]I had to drink lots of coffee to make it through the day.
[01:16.12]I used to work during the weekends too, and I would stay up many nights to finish my projects… and hand them in on time.
[01:28.62]I ended up feeling so exhausted every day.
[01:37.62]My boss used to check up on me all the time.
[01:41.62]When he saw me nodding off at work one day, he had a go at me,
[01:45.87]telling me off in front of everyone.
[01:52.12]Luckily, I had some great colleagues that stood up for me.
[01:55.37]It was so good to know that I could always count on them.
[02:00.37] Anyway, I couldn’t carry on like that. I felt like … being a slave.
[02:06.87]I wanted to get away.
[02:09.87]I kept thinking about it for a very long time.
[02:13.12]I spent days turning the problem over in my mind.
[02:16.37]It was not easy for me to just give up my job.
[02:23.87]I will keep myself away from that company from now on.
[02:28.37]So I started looking for another job.

[02:33.62]M: Hold on a moment. I have to pick this up.
[02:36.62]P: No problem, go ahead.
[02:43.12]M: Ok. Let’s take up where we left off.
[02:46.62]So… you’re looking for another job.
[02:49.62]P: Yes, I’m now ready to start over someone else.
[02:53.12]M: Maybe you should first try to relax and wind down for a few days.
[02:58.62]P: You’re right. I really need a break. But enough about me. Tell me about you. How are you getting on with your work?
[03:13.12]M: Everything is fine.
[03:15.62]P: But you look worried. Is there something going on with you and Sarah maybe?
[03:20.37]M: Well, the problem is that we broke up,
[03:23.62]so I’m feeling a bit down at the moment.
[03:26.62]P: I’m really sorry you’re going through this. But what happened?
[03:29.62]M: I didn’t show up to our date, because something came up.
[03:35.62]I had just found out that I had to attend a business meeting… And I didn’t get to call off the date.
[03:42.62]She thought I made it all up… And that I, actually fell for somebody else. She said I had let her down.
[03:53.37]It’s so hard for me to get over this.
[03:55.87]P: You should talk it over and sort things out.
[03:58.37]Sorry for bringing up this subject if you’re not comfortable talking about it.
[04:07.87]M: It’s ok. I have to go now. It was nice talking to you.
[04:12.87]Call me when you have time.?
[04:15.37]P: Ok. Have a nice day!
[04:20.12]J: Paul! I’m so glad I’ve run into you!
[04:28.62]P: Hi, Jessica!?
[04:31.87]J: Did you hear about the boss?
[04:33.12]He was forced to step down from his post.
[04:36.37]We are going to have a new manager next week.
[04:40.37]I actually met him last year. He respects people and never looks down on anyone.
[04:50.87]He will take over the responsibility of the company.
[04:55.37]Everyone says he will bring about a big change in the company.
[05:00.12]P: Really? I didn’t know that.
[05:05.12]J: You can apply again for the job if you like.
[05:06.62]The company will take on new employees over the next two months.
[05:10.37]P: Ok, thanks for the good news, but I have to think about this.
[05:14.62]J: We used to be such a great team!
[05:17.62]You always came up with wonderful ideas and solutions!
[05:21.62]When nobody knew the answer, you would figure out what to do right away! You know that many colleagues look up to you.
[05:31.37]P: You really cheered me up. We were a great team, indeed.

[05:43.12]P: Hi, Matthew! What’s up…you look very happy today.
[05:44.87]M: Hi, Paul! Well, I finally made up with Sarah. So I am very happy.
[05:53.62]P: That’s such great news!
[05:56.87]M: Not only did we get back together,
[05:59.37]but I proposed to her and she said yes.
[06:02.62]So we’re going to get married soon.
[06:05.62]P: That’s wonderful! I’m so happy for you!
[06:09.12]M: So how about you? Have you found a new job yet?
[06:13.62]P: Guess what! I was hired back and I have a new boss.
[06:18.62]We get along very well. He is a nice person.
[06:23.12]M: I’m so glad things have finally worked out for you.
[06:26.37]P: Yes, everything turned out fine.