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Lrc Problem Child by AC DC

Problem Child - AC DC LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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51527 - Problem Child by AC DC [05:46.78] 1 year ago
by Guest
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[ar:AC DC]
[ti:Problem Child]
[00:14.34]Cop this
[00:16.03]I'm hot, and when I'm not
[00:19.71]I'm cold as ice
[00:23.10]Get out of my way
[00:24.80]Just Step aside
[00:27.06]Or pay the price
[00:29.32]What I want I take
[00:31.30]What I don't I break
[00:34.13]And I don't want you
[00:36.96]With a flick of my knife
[00:38.65]I can change your life
[00:41.19]There's nothing you can do
[00:43.74]I'm a problem child
[00:47.42]I'm a problem child, yes I am
[00:51.09]I'm a problem child
[00:55.33]And I'm wild
[01:07.71]Make my stand
[01:09.68]No man's land
[01:11.95]On my own
[01:15.06]Man in blue
[01:16.75]It's up to you
[01:19.02]The seed is sown
[01:21.27]What I want I stash
[01:23.25]What I don't I smash
[01:26.08]And you're on my list
[01:29.19]Dead or alive
[01:30.32]I got a .45
[01:33.15]And I never miss
[01:35.69]I'm a problem child, hey
[01:39.32]I'm a problem child
[01:43.00]I'm a problem child
[01:47.52]Just runnin' wild
[02:35.43]Just watch your step
[02:40.24]Every night
[02:42.22]Street light
[02:44.20]I drink my booze
[02:47.59]Some run
[02:49.29]Some fight
[02:51.27]But I win they lose
[02:53.81]What I need I like
[02:55.50]What I don't I fight
[02:58.61]And I don't like you
[03:01.72]Say bye bye
[03:03.14]While you're still alive
[03:05.68]Your time is through
[03:08.22]Cause I'm a problem child
[03:11.89]I'm a problem child
[03:15.29]I'm a problem child
[03:18.96]I'm a problem child
[03:22.63]Problem child
[03:25.75]I'm a problem child
[03:28.30]Even my mother hates me
[03:29.42]I'm a problem child
[03:33.10]I'm a problem child