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Lrc Pyrite girl

Pyrite girl LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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173983 - Pyrite girl [04:07.85] 1 year ago
by Guest
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[ti:Pyrite girl]
[00:20.17]I don't wanna look at the damage left along my face and skin

[00:24.68]When I see a crack I want to scream

[00:28.94]Every day they serve as reminders of my past mistakes

[00:33.47]These circumstances are hurting me

[00:35.06]Hey, come on, no, I don't want to!

[00:47.01]This damage is not the first of it's kind

[00:51.28]Truly, I want to live a fun life

[00:55.79]All of the king's horses and all of the king's men

[01:00.06]They all wanna put me back together again!

[01:04.58]With some red iron oxide


[01:09.11]Make those cracks beautiful

[01:13.38]What am I to do?


[01:18.22]It's all coming back to me, the memory of you...

[01:22.73]Don't you try me!

[01:24.86]Don't take it lightly!

[01:26.98]I’m nothing but a ghost

[01:29.68]At the most

[01:31.79]You've shattered my mind

[01:33.91]One thousand times

[01:36.04]I’m broken, yet somehow, I’m still alive

[01:38.42]You left me covered in gold

[01:41.12]I’ve been pulverized for the past five thousand five hundred days

[01:45.39]But I want to try to live a painful life

[01:49.64]Promise me you'll stay when I eventually forget my name

[01:54.15]Hey, look

[01:54.95]Look at the marks!

[01:56.01]Look at the fracture left on my heart!

[01:58.68]Can you feel my pain?!


[02:03.17]Crazened crazing cracks all over my brain

[02:07.44]I don't wanna stop!


[02:11.99]Look at what I’ve done with it, I made it into art!

[02:17.05]Shining brightly!
[02:18.91]There's no one like me!
[02:20.75]I’m better than before

[02:23.14]Gimme more!

[02:25.53]It is my lifeline

[02:27.67]Quit asking me why!

[02:29.55]'Cause now I know I can be redefined
[02:32.21]If I get covered in gold

[02:55.08]How unsightly

[02:56.94]Why don't you like me?

[02:58.80]You know I shine the most

[03:01.46]Not to boast!

[03:03.85]I’ve broken my mind

[03:06.00]One million times

[03:07.85]Now not one mark on me is out of line
[03:10.51]And I am made of gold

[03:13.17]I’ve ascended

[03:14.77]Just as intended

[03:16.89]It doesn't quench my thirst

[03:19.28]I’m the worst!

[03:21.67]I'm out of my mind

[03:24.06]The perfect design

[03:25.63]Nobody can defeat me now that I’m
[03:28.58]Completely covered in gold