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Lrc R.I.P - The Medical Anomaly ft. Oliver (VOCALOID Original Song)

R.I.P - The Medical Anomaly ft. Oliver (VOCALOID Original Song) LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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101027 - R.I.P - The Medical Anomaly ft. Oliver (VOCALOID Original Song) [04:30.45] 13 hours ago
by Guest
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[00:09.48]‟An apple a day keeps the doctor away,”
[00:11.24]That's what everybody says.
[00:13.49]But salicylates turn on my fight or flight,
[00:15.24]So I'm better off in bed.
[00:17.49]With a body of norm, and the cells that you don,
[00:19.74]Your average hemoglobin count.
[00:21.99]The tetany overtakes me!
[00:24.24]I wanna be okay, but the odds
[00:25.99]I really doubt.
[00:45.99]Stop giving advice
[00:47.24]You don't know what it's like
[00:48.24]Being stuck with my disease
[00:50.74]When help you're denied
[00:51.49]'Cause they say it's benign
[00:52.49]But you're chronically fatigued
[00:54.99]Now my throat's full of flies
[00:56.00]But i eat it despite
[00:56.99]The overload of histamines
[00:59.50]It's gonna be kinda tricky!
[01:01.24]Why don't you try and fix me?
[01:03.49]‟You're doing well!”
[01:04.74]No, I'm feeling like hell
[01:05.74]But I cannot say too much
[01:07.99]Thinking I'm in good health
[01:09.24]Now I'm covered in welts
[01:09.99]From my mast cells flaring up
[01:12.48]Curling in on myself
[01:13.24]'Cause there's nobody else
[01:14.24]Who gets so easily undone
[01:16.74]The look of it isn't pretty!
[01:18.74]As anyone can see,
[01:19.99]I'm a tragedy!
[01:21.24]Invisible disability?
[01:23.24]It's rather visible to me
[01:25.24]An illness like this goes very far
[01:27.49]beneath the skin
[01:29.74]My arms are looking like bathroom walls
[01:31.99]There's something stuck inside my lungs
[01:33.99]You cannot comprehend all the pain I'm in!
[01:39.24]I am a medical anomaly
[01:43.49]There's something seriously wrong with me!
[01:47.49]And every day there's something
[01:49.49]new to note
[01:51.99]I'm losing sight of my entelechy
[01:56.24]"Look what we have in store!"
[01:56.99]"Yes, I've seen it before."
[01:57.98]"I can get you back on top."
[02:00.49]"Just don't overextend,"
[02:01.49]"Get some rest in your bed,"
[02:02.49]"And then that will make it stop."
[02:04.74]I don't feel the effects
[02:05.74]Is it all in my head?
[02:06.99]Maybe I need a bigger dose
[02:08.99]Was any of this deserving?
[02:11.25]Is that why it's not working?!
[02:13.74]"In a short time you'll be asleep,"
[02:15.50]"Just take a breath and count to three."
[02:17.74]The tourniquet's tied so tightly
[02:19.74]All around my limbs
[02:22.24]And everyday they're drawing blood
[02:24.24]There are mushrooms growing in my lungs
[02:26.49]I'm waiting for the ending to begin
[02:31.38]I am a medical anomaly
[02:35.63]Unknown, mysterious biology
[02:40.13]Symptoms come from places no one knows
[02:44.39]My body doesn't function normally
[02:48.88]I am a medical anomaly
[02:53.13]"There's nothing wrong with you that I can see"
[02:57.63]I don't know how much longer I can go
[03:01.88]I'm ripped apart by my repellency
[03:06.38]I am a medical anomaly
[03:10.38]I'm turning into a monstrosity
[03:14.88]Another day I've been misdiagnosed
[03:19.38]You better try to treat me properly
[03:23.63]A C.A.T. scan, a nasal rinse
[03:25.39]The biopsies and I.V. drips
[03:27.38]The medicine is flowing underneath my skin
[03:31.88]They've given me every type of drug
[03:33.88]There are sticks and stones inside my guts
[03:36.14]They do not know what kind of pain I'm in
[03:41.13]The doctors don't know what to do with me
[03:45.63]Somebody tell me what is wrong with me!
[03:49.88]Yeah, I'm that medical anomaly
[03:52.38](I'm an anomaly)
[03:54.38]There's something rotten that's inside of me
[03:57.13](Inside of me)
[03:58.63]And all these things I've had to undergo
[04:03.13]They've all meant absolutely nothing!
[04:05.88](No, nothing at all!)
[04:07.13]I am the medical anomaly
[04:10.13](I'm the anomaly)
[04:11.63]Lost in my own peculiarity
[04:14.38](You're scared of me)
[04:16.13]I feel like I'm already decomposed
[04:21.88]Just let the mold become a part of me!