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Lrc Rapture by Hurt

Rapture - Hurt LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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11531 - Rapture by Hurt [05:40.72] 3 years ago
by Guest
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[00:50.46]In the life of the wrong a love lingered on, love lingered on to frustration
[00:58.46]And if our love is so wrong, what should we do alone?
[01:01.97]Or am I just a picture in a photograph?
[01:04.97]Why are we stuck in this pantomime, fearing a god who died?
[01:08.72]One who would not deny lovers?
[01:11.47]And I don't care what they say, if what you need is your faith
[01:14.74]Then take a look at my face and know...
[01:18.00]That till your rapture falls to pieces
[01:25.02]Until your rapture falls to pieces
[01:30.28]Find in me the room to breathe, simple things like suffering
[01:43.80]Life had gone this way...
[01:49.58]Life is gone this way...
[01:56.84]Still in the life of the wrong we all moved along
[02:00.10]Another life evolved to gestation
[02:03.34]And so we made our way with the mistake we made
[02:06.60]But she was just a picture in the photograph
[02:09.34]So she walked in the baby's room
[02:12.86]Knowing what she should do leaves me in absolute horror
[02:16.35]She put her hand on its lips, she gave it one last kiss
[02:19.36]And sang some tune that went...
[02:22.36]Until your rapture falls to pieces
[02:27.86]'Till your rapture falls to pieces
[02:34.63]Find in me the room to breathe
[02:41.91]Simple things are suffering
[02:56.18]And I would and I would, destroy your god
[03:00.69]Yes I would if I could destroy your god
[03:08.96]Because you're born again
[03:13.21]Until you're worn again