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Lrc Ready As I'll Ever Be

Ready As I'll Ever Be LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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92116 - Ready As I'll Ever Be [02:03.17] 2 months ago
by Guest
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[00:05.44]Any moment now,
[00:06.69] Your Highness
[00:08.70]Believe me I know,
[00:10.70] I've sunk pretty low
[00:13.15]But whatever I've done,
[00:14.70] you deserved
[00:17.72]I'm the bad guy,
[00:18.45] that's fine
[00:19.45]It's no fault of mine
[00:21.48]and some justice
[00:22.96]at last will be served
[00:24.69]Please, listen
[00:25.95]Now it's time to step up
[00:27.95] or it's time to back down
[00:30.21]And there's only one answer for me
[00:34.95]And I'll stand up and fight
[00:36.72] 'cause I know that I'm right
[00:38.93]And I'm ready,
[00:40.45] I'm ready,
[00:41.44]I'm ready
[00:44.45]Ready as I'll ever be
[00:54.42]Now it's time to rise up
[00:56.21]or it's time to stand down
[00:58.73]And the answer is easy to see
[01:03.23]And I swear by the sword
[01:04.94]if you're in, get on board
[01:07.49]Are you ready?
[01:08.95]I'm ready
[01:09.93]We're ready
[01:11.19]we're ready
[01:12.70]Ready as I'll ever be
[01:22.94]Are you quite sure we can do this?
[01:27.20]Together we will guarantee
[01:30.92]I'll make them hear me
[01:35.20]Prove they can trust me
[01:38.68]I'll save my home and family
[01:42.45]Now the line's in the sand
[01:44.20]and our moment's at hand
[01:46.72]And I'm ready
[01:47.95]I'm ready
[01:49.19]I'm ready
[01:51.95]Ready as I'll ever be