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Lrc Real Shit by Scarlxrd

Real Shit - Scarlxrd LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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44405 - Real Shit by Scarlxrd [03:28.85] 1 year ago
by Guest
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[ti:Real Shit]
[00:12.49]I can't feel pain no more
[00:15.24]My mental is infinite
[00:16.25]'Bout to be infamous
[00:17.00]Young and I'm killin' shit
[00:17.99]Murder my innocence
[00:18.75]Hidin' from visitors
[00:19.74]Fuck them niggas
[00:20.50]I sit on my own with the illest
[00:21.74]I water myself with the instincts
[00:23.00]Travelling [?]
[00:24.00]Going ballistic
[00:24.75]Thinking a nigga's sadistic
[00:26.25]Never been nothing artistic, aye
[00:27.74]I like to fly when I'm dreaming, aye
[00:29.74]I fall asleep in the meeting
[00:31.00]They waking me up
[00:31.75]It's the signature season, damn
[00:32.99]I'm so woke I sleep with, aye
[00:34.74]I ignore the things you say
[00:36.50]I can't sign my life away
[00:38.25]Yung Scar is a God
[00:40.00]Got it written in my name
[00:41.75]Never [?] much to believe
[00:42.74]Never had a CV or a Degree
[00:44.24]I fly like I don't need fee
[00:46.25]Close my eyes so I can't see
[00:47.99]The deceit in [?], yeah
[00:49.25]Repeat it till I succeed, yeah
[00:50.74]Watch me go work the machines, yeah
[00:52.50]Control alt delete, damn
[00:54.25]Catch me at the front of the line, I never kid
[00:58.24]I've been working hard this time, ima move
[01:01.75]I won't miss no one
[01:03.49]Except the old me that I used, aye
[01:05.25]I should probably ring my fuckin' dad
[01:07.74]It's overdue, yuh
[01:09.25]Reevaluated life and now I fixed up
[01:12.75]You'll never catch me down and out
[01:15.00]I'm always up above
[01:16.50]I'm the prophet that I wanted
[01:18.49]I took off the gloves
[01:19.99]Wayyyyy too wavy for these niggas sending shots
[01:23.25]I see your magazine
[01:24.25]All the time
[01:25.25]When I'm rolling
[01:26.25]Who's that girl
[01:26.99]On the cover?
[01:28.50]I think I really know her
[01:29.74]I'm just tripping 'cause I'm sober
[01:31.25]Always drinking like a loner
[01:32.99]Peeling chips off of my shoulders
[01:34.75]Life got real when I got older, damn
[01:50.74]Can't waste time on you
[01:52.24]I saw elephants in your room
[01:54.25]Used to get stressed from the things I knew
[01:55.99]Now I chill and kick back like I know Kung-Fu
[01:57.99]It's easy don
[01:58.74]Yung Lxrd's out here
[01:60.00]I had to put myself out there
[02:01.75]I love the way that I'm soundin'
[02:03.49]I think I'm fuckin' astounding'
[02:05.25]These niggas they tell me to wait
[02:06.50]I've got 'em shook to the point where they shaking away
[02:08.75]I've got some shit on my plate, yeah
[02:10.49]I'll die before anyone else gets a taste
[02:12.25]Your squads full of fuckboys that's waste
[02:13.50]Be yourself and not your mates
[02:15.74]I had to change my lane again
[02:17.50]You're not real I see your face
[02:19.25]Uh, aye
[02:20.74]Talkin real shit (real shit), aye
[02:23.50]Made me tell you bout this real shit, aye
[02:26.99]Your fuckin' life isnt real bitch, aye
[02:30.50]That's some real shit, woah aye
[02:34.25]Talkin real shit (real shit), aye
[02:37.74]Your lifes not real bitch, damn aye
[02:41.75]That's some real shit, woah aye
[02:48.49]Freestyle that ting