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Lrc Reincarnation by Mafumafu

Reincarnation - Mafumafu LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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53374 - Reincarnation by Mafumafu [04:02.36] 1 year ago
by Guest
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[00:23.74]If I were god, ruling everything yet helping nothing
[00:25.76]I would've long destroyed that rigged pachinko machine
[00:28.26]that's called life still used and gambled away
[00:30.49]Throwing it out to be burned with the trash on collection day
[00:33.49]Even when acting out as fools, they long to dance like pulled up puppets
[00:35.50]and peeking back at faces, copy pasted
[00:36.98]sighs of apathy won't cut it now
[00:39.24]Shackled in place by hatred, the long path closes in
[00:40.49]No, can't become anyone, so forever a nobody I will be!
[00:43.22]Sure, I'm sure that all of life is shit; still I'm jealous
[00:44.97]The grass is greener on the other side.
[00:47.99]Wishing for something common like popularity is ridiculous
[00:50.25]Even so, turning to the right, the kitten cried:
[00:52.73]"If I can't fly without a pair of wings, then I'll have to make the sky come down to me!"
[00:57.49]Everyone, yes, no matter who it is, prays
[00:59.74]to a god of some kind for a future to relay
[01:02.24]But a life that whines while hanging from straw
[01:04.74]cannot be given an answer at all!
[01:06.98]I say goodbye, goodbye to this world, dashing away
[01:09.49]to a dream in a dream riding on radio waves
[01:11.99]Surely I...Surely I'll be reborn once again
[01:39.25]The world we'd resided in
[01:41.25]was filled with warmth we lacked in
[01:43.74]Yet no one can come back to this place we're reminiscing
[01:48.74]If I had to steal the words of him, it would be these I'm preaching:
[01:54.24]"What kind of smile will you use to beckon me just one step closer?"
[01:59.22]Bulimarexia, skipping, self-medication,
[02:01.51]bleeding from seams, and a childhood dream
[02:02.74]Whore, hysteria, paranoia's II-V
[02:06.26]How can death by gallows be? What's your justification?
[02:08.75]Please let me wool up my ears, plug them in and fill them with anything else!
[02:13.51]Oh, tell me how and teach this me how I could be
[02:15.74]The god of today within such a world?
[02:18.23]But is it really fine for the one who teaches
[02:20.74]to judge the rest of mankind like so?
[02:22.99]No matter how you knead mud with more mud
[02:25.48]It cannot be more than what it ever was
[02:27.99]Surely you...Surely you'll be reborn once again
[02:45.49]The future's funeral parlor that was filled with no exceptions
[02:47.74]Unable to filter through confusion, love falls into an all time low
[02:50.52]A type of answer or key to solve this fate
[02:52.51]wasn't the ending I was longing for at all!
[03:04.99]Ah, stop - I'm begging please
[03:07.24]It doesn't even matter if I lose everything
[03:11.99]Everyone, yes, no matter who it is, prays
[03:13.76]to a god of some kind for a future to relay
[03:16.99]But a happiness dependent on something like that
[03:19.74]Shouldn't be wished by someone like you
[03:21.72]I'll give this world, so cold, the end it truly deserves
[03:26.99]Who are you to tell me not to let it burn?
[03:29.25]Let it all...Let it all be reborn once again