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Lrc Ricochet by Faith No More

Ricochet - Faith No More LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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11724 - Ricochet by Faith No More [04:27.73] 1 year ago
by Guest
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[ar:Faith No More]
[al:King for a Day, Fool for a Lifetime]
[00:17.02]All of that thick time without you
[00:24.02]Has made me so thick and drunk
[00:32.27]"and it´s okay to laugh about it "
[00:37.53]I said , " it´s okay to laugh about it "
[00:48.28]Runnin´ twice as fast to stay in
[00:54.27]the same place
[00:57.77]Don´t catch my breath until the end
[01:02.78]of the day
[01:06.77]And I´d rather be shot in the face
[01:10.52]Than hear what you´re going to say
[01:15.02]One day the wind will come up
[01:17.03]And you´ll come up empty again
[01:21.02]And who´ll be laughing then ?
[01:25.52]You´ll come up empty again
[01:30.27]No reason - no explanation - so play
[01:33.28]the violins
[01:45.02]It´s always funny until someone gets hurt...
[01:58.27]And then it´s hilarious !
[02:01.27]You beat me every time you blink
[02:32.27]If only I did not have to think
[02:41.52]Think about you crackin´a smile
[02:46.03]Think about it all the while
[02:50.27]On the ricochet - it´s going to hit you
[03:32.03]It´s always funny until someone gets hurt
[03:36.27]You can laugh at me - when it misses you