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Lrc Rock Lobster by The B-52s

Rock Lobster - The B-52s LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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51812 - Rock Lobster by The B-52s [06:48.31] 1 year ago
by Guest
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[ar:The B-52s]
[ti:Rock Lobster]
[00:10.45]His ear lobe fell in the deep
[00:16.11]Someone reached in and grabbed it
[00:18.66]Was a rock lobster
[00:26.01]Rock lobster
[00:31.38]Rock lobster
[01:03.91]We were at the beach
[01:06.46]Everybody had matching towels
[01:08.95]Somebody went under a dock
[01:11.49]And there they saw a rock
[01:14.67]It wasn't a rock
[01:16.93]Was a rock lobster
[01:24.50]Rock lobster
[01:29.88]Rock lobster
[01:57.03]Rock lo-o-obster
[01:59.29]Rock lo-o-obster
[02:02.12]Motion in the ocean
[02:04.67]His air hose broke
[02:07.21]Lots of trouble
[02:10.04]Lots of bubble
[02:12.87]He was in a jam
[02:15.42]He's in a giant clam!
[02:23.90]Rock, rock
[02:28.71]Rock lobster!
[02:30.41]Down, down!
[02:59.81]Underneath the waves
[03:02.36]Mermaids wavin'
[03:04.90]Wavin' to mermen
[03:07.44]Wavin' sea fans
[03:09.99]Sea horses sailin'
[03:12.82]Dolphins wailin'
[03:20.17]Rock lobster
[03:25.55]Rock lobster
[03:52.38]Rock lo-o-obster
[03:54.65]Rock lo-o-obster
[04:02.57]Red snappers snappin'
[04:05.11]Clam shells clappin'
[04:07.66]Mussels flexin'
[04:10.21]Flippers flippin'
[04:18.97]Rock, rock
[04:23.78]Rock lobster!
[04:25.48]Down, down!
[04:51.66]Lobster, rock
[04:56.75]Lobster, rock
[05:10.04]Let's Rock!
[05:21.36]Boys and bikinis
[05:23.91]Girls and surfboards
[05:26.46]Everybody's rockin'
[05:29.28]Everybody's frugin'
[05:31.83]Twistin' round the fire
[05:33.24]Havin' fun
[05:37.20]Bakin' potatoes
[05:38.61]Bakin' in the sun
[05:42.57]Put on your noseguard
[05:45.12]Put on the lifeguard
[05:47.94]Pass the tanning butter
[05:53.03]Here comes a stingray (ooh wok ooh wok)
[05:55.86]There goes a manta ray (ah ah ah)
[05:58.41]In walked a jellyfish (huah)
[06:01.24]There goes a dogfish (rea-owr)
[06:03.78]Chased by a catfish (geh geh geh geh geh geh geh geh geh geh)
[06:06.61]In flew a sea robin (Laaaaa)
[06:09.44]Watch out for that piranha (eh rek eh rek ah hoo)
[06:11.98]There goes a narwhal (eeeeh)
[06:14.81]Here comes a bikini whale! (Aaaaah!)
[06:28.07]Rock lobster
[06:30.62]Rock lobster
[06:33.16]Rock lobster
[06:35.99]Rock lobster