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Lrc September

September LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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50415 - September [03:15.34] 1 year ago
by Guest
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[00:01.89]pull the curtains shut and go back to bed
[00:02.95]can't kill the blinding light inside my head
[00:03.77]almost wanted to kill myself but i'd rather stay alive
[00:05.15]numb the panic in our bones, we go back to school
[00:05.71]spent summer sinking to the bottom of swimming pools
[00:06.25]you know i've got a thousand places on my mind
[00:06.83]but i'd rather be with you
[00:07.35]if you don't want to stay
[00:08.19]then we can go
[00:08.75]i've got two bus tickets and a burning faith that we'll get out of here somehow
[00:09.55]and if i let you down
[00:10.11]just let me know
[00:10.65]i can leave you alone i can find my way home i just hoped you'd stay around
[00:12.55]pull the curtains shut and go back to bed
[00:13.09]can't hear over the beating drum inside my head
[00:13.65]i'm sorry for the phone calls and backseat dreams
[00:14.17]i just hoped you'd come around
[00:15.01]you wore a new shirt and your hair was clean
[00:15.28]spent a night outside our heads, tried to sleep at cocaine speed
[00:15.79]i almost wanted to hold your hand but i can't stop falling down
[00:17.69]all those sleepy daydreams
[00:17.94]all those late night cabarets
[00:18.21]hold me til it's over
[00:18.79]i don't want to go home, i don't want to grow up
[00:19.31]i just want to stay awake with you