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Lrc Societal Blues by Mendii

Societal Blues - Mendii LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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41569 - Societal Blues by Mendii [02:46.06] 2 years ago
by Guest
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[ti:Societal Blues]
[00:38.89]Looking at this life different rules
[00:40.40]I'm a young nigga tryna make my own rules
[00:42.40]Everybody dancing to the same old tunes
[00:44.15]Sit down & think couse theyve given you the clues
[00:47.14]Tryna cure this ailment ain't a doctor
[00:48.64]Most of y'all prisoners of the mind
[00:49.90]Still stuck in old times
[00:50.90]I'm gon knock this issue out like a boxer
[00:52.15]Me against the world like am Shakur
[00:54.15]Societal Blues
[00:55.90]Everybody bound to the same old rules
[00:57.40]Tryna to be diff is a strong taboo
[00:59.15]I want to be president that's bad news
[01:01.89]Societal Blues
[01:02.90]Men this thing a mark permanent tattoo
[01:04.90]They want to be king so we kiss their shoes
[01:08.65]Societal Blues
[01:09.39]Verse 2
[01:09.90]Imagine me driving 2019 Benz
[01:11.65]I'm gon be the talk of the whole damn gang
[01:13.65]This nigga's a fraudster I'm already condemned
[01:16.90]Societal Blues
[01:17.90]Hey I'm gay & then everybody's shouting
[01:19.40]Look up the word gay also means that I'm happy
[01:21.39]It's built in yr system
[01:22.15]You're just meant to be crappy
[01:23.40]Take yr fuckin jacket & I'll call you a cabbie
[01:25.14]I'm sick of the life all this youngins living
[01:27.90]Tryna claim a level of living
[01:31.15]You're trying to reach the end nigga go back to the beginning
[01:31.64]Your life is like a video many things uve been skipping
[01:34.40]Hope ure listening now couse I'm speaking
[01:35.14]Tryna pitch a point like a meeting
[01:36.40]You're on d hot seat think you're chilling
[01:37.65]Man you a weakling
[01:38.90]Your life is like a price its decreasing