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Lrc Someone You Loved by Conor Maynard

Someone You Loved - Conor Maynard LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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50601 - Someone You Loved by Conor Maynard [02:40.63] 1 year ago
by Guest
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[ar:Conor Maynard]
[ti:Someone You Loved]
[00:09.40]I'm going under, and I fear this
[00:11.88]time there's no one to save me
[00:18.18]This all or nothing really
[00:20.15]gotta way of driving me crazy
[00:24.64]I need somebody to heal
[00:27.40]somebody to know
[00:29.90]Somebody to have
[00:32.17]somebody to hold
[00:34.38]It's easy to say
[00:36.39]but it's never the same
[00:38.40]I guess I kinda liked the
[00:40.16]way you numbed all the pain
[00:42.41]Now the day bleeds into nightfall
[00:46.64]And you're not here to
[00:49.13]get me through it all
[00:51.11]I let my guard down and
[00:53.15]then you pulled the rug
[00:55.66]I was getting kinda used
[00:57.64]to being someone you loved
[01:01.63]I met you in the dark
[01:04.11]you lit me up
[01:06.41]You made me feel as
[01:08.15]though I was enough
[01:10.43]We danced the night away
[01:12.62]we drank too much
[01:14.90]I held your hair back when
[01:16.92]You were throwing up
[01:18.62]So let me apologize
[01:22.90]I'll make up
[01:23.88]make up, make up
[01:25.13]make up for all those times
[01:27.64]cause your love
[01:29.65]don't wanna lose
[01:31.61]I'm beggin', beggin'
[01:33.13]beggin', beggin',
[01:34.38]I'm begging you (No)
[01:36.89]Never mind, I'll find
[01:39.38]someone like you
[01:43.87]I wish nothing but
[01:46.36]the best for you, too
[01:52.12]Don't forget me," I beg
[01:56.86]I'll remember," you said
[02:01.12]Sometimes it lasts in love,
[02:04.42]but sometimes it hurts instead
[02:11.37]I'm off the deep end
[02:13.37]watch as I dive in
[02:15.61]I'll never reach the ground
[02:19.85]Crash through the surface
[02:22.15]where they can't hurt us
[02:24.37]We're far from the shallow now
[02:29.12]Shallow now