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Lrc Speed to Masatsu by Amazarashi

Speed to Masatsu - Amazarashi LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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230656 - Speed to Masatsu by Amazarashi [03:28.13] 8 months ago
by Guest
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[al:Ranpo Kitan]
[ti:Speed to Masatsu]
[00:16.35]Lit up by the half-dead street lights
[00:18.73]The shadows of people flicker on and off
[00:21.38]With the smell of rubber and moisture in the air
[00:24.30]There's too much talk to call this silence
[00:26.96]Therefore, my point of view can't stay fixed
[00:29.35]Slips over the stars and switches on to the northeast
[00:32.01]Moths gather, but it's futile anyway
[00:34.66]They'll burn down in their dreams, and there'll be nothing left
[00:38.65]A ticket with no destination
[00:41.31]An evening scenery at the end this life
[00:43.97]Take me fast, to the wasteland
[00:46.62]At the other side of the earth
[00:49.27]Dog bones in the garden at summer,
[00:51.93]Dates marked on piles of corpses
[00:54.85]I'll step on all that to head for tomorrow,
[00:57.52]With the notes of bronchitis
[01:00.16]Sing until you spit up blood
[01:02.83]The cold winds from the northern mountains
[01:05.48]Radiates all around
[01:08.43]And even the flowers blooming there
[01:09.49]Is allowed to blaspheme
[01:20.65]I clicked my tongue at this town
[01:23.30]-No, it's the town that clicked its tongue
[01:25.86]There's a system of myths of the children in the sandbox,
[01:28.52]And a god dwells in each grain of the sand
[01:31.44]I get tangled, in this inseparable sociality
[01:33.57]I cross over carelessly and spit at them
[01:36.22]I close myself up and doubt the afterlife
[01:38.88]I'll burn down in an unsightly way, and there'll be nothing left
[01:43.13]On the division point of beasts and men
[01:45.79]Silver flies swarm around life
[01:48.44]Sperms make a pilgrimage to sacred grounds
[01:51.09]It's too early to die in the snowfall
[01:53.75]A love hotel along the highway
[01:56.41]In the chaste twilight
[01:59.07]With loss of words in dawn
[02:01.72]The end of world is stammering
[02:04.39]I choke as I swallow it down
[02:07.04]The curtain drips with dew
[02:09.69]Now life burns down
[02:12.36]On the road is a winter galaxy
[02:25.36]Straddling on the back of a truck, the years passed by
[02:30.41]Flipped over at an intersection, and shed blood
[02:36.78]As I watched it out the window, I heard the crackling sound of life burning
[02:47.67]Speed and friction, sending off sparks
[02:52.98]Speed and friction, burning my organs
[02:59.62]There's a departing whistle in my body
[03:02.28]Blood is my escape route
[03:04.94]Whenever I set out on a journey and come closer
[03:07.59]Why does it drift farther away?
[03:10.26]I scream with increased irritation
[03:12.91]Today's scenery is fractured
[03:15.56]A piece of it pierces the ground
[03:18.22]February is an innocent shipwreck
[03:21.41]Speed and friction, burning my organs.