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Lrc Standing By You

Standing By You LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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63246 - Standing By You [02:45.24] 2 years ago
by Guest
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[ti:Standing By You ]
[00:11.53]I can never be without your love, you know me
[00:14.52]Your love is in my heart and blood it runs deep
[00:17.51]Whatever you want in life you know it's on me
[00:21.24]I'll be standing by you till the end
[00:24.25]Yeah, we built it over trust I'll never get enough
[00:27.26]You got me all in love with you
[00:30.01]So, many things I do and girl, you never wanna judge
[00:33.01]And baby, you're the reason that I ever fell in love
[00:36.01]You never gave me drama, so, no need to walk away
[00:39.00]Girl, I just wanna be right with you every single day
[00:42.28]And If, there's any trouble, yeah, we coming through as one
[00:45.25]You know I got your back in every way under the sun
[00:48.50]Girl, I will be staring looking at you every single night
[00:51.70]I just gotta let you know you brighten up my life
[01:21.27]Pyaar di Rahwaa utte yaar tu le aya...
[01:27.51]Mainu jeene da matlab aaj samajh aya...
[01:35.26]Paraya mainu kar na
[01:38.98]Na tu sohniya...
[01:42.97]Channa main tu rull jaana...
[01:51.01]Tor bhalobhasha uure geche alamake
[01:54.00]Tai jodu kichu chao amake janiye
[01:57.26]Protidin ami boli meye tui amer ei jibun
[02:00.26]Shopno puron kore' dibo je kono rokhom
[02:03.25]Jotokhon tumi amar shathe' ar kew jani na
[02:06.25]Jotokhon tumi nai ar kichu pari na
[02:09.75]Girl, I just want your lovin' all the time and everyday
[02:12.76]Tor mone joto badha takhe shob chere de
[02:16.04]Bulaave tujhe yaar aaj meri galiyaan
[02:19.03]Basau tere sang main alag duniyaa
[02:22.34]Na aaye kabhi dono mein jara bhi faasle
[02:25.29]Bas ek tu ho, ek main hu aur koi na
[02:28.32]Hai mera sab kuch tera tu samajh le
[02:31.58]Tu chahe mere haq ki zameen rakh le
[02:34.57]Tu saason pe bhi naam tera likh de
[02:37.81]Main jiyu jab jab tera dil dhake...