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Lrc Stay Alive (Reprise)

Stay Alive (Reprise) LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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60830 - Stay Alive (Reprise) [01:51.96] 1 year ago
by Guest
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[ar: Lin-Manuel Miranda, Anthony Ramos, Phillipa Soo & Cast]
[ti: Stay Alive (reprise)]
[al: Hamilton: An American Musical]
[id: xk_nvuchhqp]
[00:04.00][ANGELICA – 8]
[00:05.18]Stay alive…
[00:11.29]Stay alive… [HAMILTON – 2]
[00:12.65] Where is my son? [DOCTOR – 6]
[00:13.49] Mr. Hamilton, come in.
[00:14.52] They brought him in a half an hour ago.
[00:16.38] He lost a lot of blood on the way
[00:17.42]Stay alive… Is he alive?
[00:18.98] Yes. But you have to understand
[00:21.07] The bullet entered just above his hip and
[00:22.64] Can I see him lodged in his right arm.
[00:23.99] please?
[00:24.81] I’m doing ev’rything I can,
[00:25.96] but the wound was already infected
[00:27.83] when he arrived—
[00:30.39][HAMILTON – 2]
[00:31.52]Philip [PHILIP – 5]
[00:34.77] Pa
[00:36.75] I did exactly as you said, Pa
[00:40.29] I held my head up high
[00:42.44]I know, I know. Shh
[00:44.21]I know, I know. Shh. High
[00:45.77]I know you did
[00:46.70]Ev’rything just right
[00:48.88] Even before we got to ten—
[00:52.43] I was aiming for the sky
[00:54.21]I know, I know.
[00:55.65]Shh. I know, I know I was aiming for the sky
[00:57.10]I know
[00:58.14]Save your strength and
[00:59.38][HAMILTON/MEN – 1/2/3/4]
[00:59.59]Stay [ELIZA – 7]
[01:00.01]Alive… No-o!
[01:01.46][HAMILTON – 2]
[01:02.59]Eliza Is he breathing?
[01:03.84][ENSEMBLE MEN – 1/3/4] Is he going to survive this?
[01:05.71]Stay alive… Who did this, Alexander, did you know?
[01:09.36][PHILIP – 5]
[01:10.40]Mom, I’m so sorry
[01:12.78]for forgetting what you taught me [ELIZA – 7]
[01:15.50] My son—
[01:16.84]We played piano
[01:18.41] I taught you piano
[01:20.28]You would put your hands on mine
[01:23.27] You changed the melody every time
[01:25.87]Ha. I would always change the line
[01:28.88] Shh. I know, I know
[01:30.02]I would always change the line
[01:31.79] I know, I know
[01:33.75] Un deux trois quatre
[01:36.14]Un deux trois quatre Cinq six sept huit neuf
[01:37.79]Cinq six sept huit neuf
[01:39.95] Good
[01:40.71] Un deux trois quatre
[01:41.96]Un deux trois… Cinq six sept
[01:43.62] Huit neuf
[01:46.55] Sept huit neuf—