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Lrc T by E

T - E LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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31266 - T by E [03:34.32] 3 years ago
by Guest
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[00:0.00]Sprinkled by the trappings
[00:0.00]Of words that make the outlines
[00:0.00]Blur on the showplace that made history
[00:0.00]The folk is willed
[00:0.00]To parrot the dished up tale
[00:0.00]The lure of a higher meaning
[00:0.00]Cheat, you had to create
[00:0.00]An enemy stereotype
[00:0.00]To retrieve your absolution
[00:0.00]A forthy poor excuse for your foray
[00:0.00]To disengage from the deeps
[00:0.00]of your encumbrance
[00:0.00]All our gold
[00:0.00]Bereave me!
[00:0.00]Truths ensign
[00:0.00]Forever mine!
[00:0.00]Bereave me!
[00:0.00]March in with ten legions
[00:0.00]Whilst the crucial weapon's not he pillum
[00:0.00]But the feather held in your hand
[00:0.00]Penned in blood
[00:0.00]Your tall tales rule the forum
[00:0.00]Altering it into the battlefield
[00:0.00]I, the spectral guise
[00:0.00]Evoking these baring fears
[00:0.00]Pestering your conscript fathers
[00:0.00]I smile at my demise and while I die
[00:0.00]I cherish the roots of my perseverance