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Lrc The Dear Hunter Trapdoor

The Dear Hunter Trapdoor LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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90820 - The Dear Hunter Trapdoor [03:53.17] 10 hours ago
by Guest
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[00:10.02]Every now and then I get down
[00:16.02]But this cup of gin picks me right back up
[00:21.53]Lately I've been drowning in this chair
[00:27.27]Time again, I'm never here
[00:32.52]Lost in my head, hand to my heart
[00:44.02]I swear that I'll try, don't go
[01:19.77]Lately I've been losing sleep
[01:25.52]Heavy eyes and weary
[01:31.02]But every now and then, I find myself
[01:36.78]Stuck in a way I can't get out of
[01:42.02]Lost in my head, hand to my heart
[01:53.52]I swear that I'll try, don't go
[02:05.28]You say that you've heard it before
[02:10.27]That the pitch and the tone are unsure
[02:16.77]The weight of your words is too much
[02:22.02]And the look in your eyes, oh, it cuts
[02:27.78]Darling don't abandon me
[02:33.52]Please just take a breath and you'll see
[02:39.52]That not everything here is lost
[02:45.02]And the profits will outweigh the cost
[02:51.02]If the only thing that you want is love