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Lrc The Honesty by Blue October

The Honesty - Blue October LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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11401 - The Honesty by Blue October [04:22.58] 3 years ago
by Guest
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[ar:Blue October]
[ti:The Honesty]
[00:01.17]Let's get it straight
[00:02.42]Let's get it straight from the top
[00:05.43]You're beginning with your usual main ingredient
[00:09.19]You're good at talking
[00:10.43]When you say it
[00:11.43]Are you meaning it?
[00:13.44]I don't wanna give you my heart
[00:14.94]If you're not completing it
[00:17.19]I'm blown away at how your family
[00:19.19]Your friends just accept it though
[00:21.70]No one's ever told you "no"
[00:23.45]Can't expect you to know how to love
[00:26.95]When it was somethin' you were never taught
[00:29.95]But honesty
[00:32.20]Is the one true way to start again
[00:37.72]Just be good to yourself and love goes unspoken
[00:42.72]Instead of always broken
[00:44.99]But honestly
[00:48.75]When your heart decides
[00:52.76]To let someone in
[00:54.76]Just be cautious of the next one
[01:02.03]You win
[01:04.55]I never wanted to play what was mean to screw me up
[01:08.05]But I see you're into playing it
[01:11.55]Makes me feel sorry for the way you like displaying it
[01:15.57]Now the truth is really told
[01:17.06]You are betraying it
[01:19.06]I gotta say
[01:20.81]I don't think I ever felt you hold us up
[01:23.81]Were you embarrassed by me?
[01:29.07]Somethin' I'm gonna have to pay for